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Classical Greek and Roman Studies IB at Impington Village College

Course description

IB Standard

The study of Classical Greek and Roman civilisation offers a fascinating variety of disciplines – history, literature, mythology, political life, art, architecture and daily life. You will be encourages to explore the connections between them by using source materials and to develop the skills involved in interpreting these sources.

There is no requirement to have studied Classical Civilisation, Greek or Latin at GCSE level. The aims of the Diploma Programme CGRS course at standard level are to encourage students to:

  • become involved in interpreting and communicating a range of aspects of Greek and Roman civilisation;
  • examine these aspects in social, political, and cultural contexts; understand that the nature and diversity of sources may lead to different ways of seeing or experiencing the past;
  • develop critical insights on the structure and impact of diverse forms of cultural, social and political expression;
  • foster an awareness of Greek and Roman thought and practice in examining the students’ own and other histories and cultures.

Course content

Syllabus Outline

The standard level Diploma Programme Classical Studies syllabus consists of four prescribed topics and one individual assignment.


Greek and Roman epic.

Greek and Roman tragedy.

The Peloponnesian War: Greece in conflict.

War to peace in Augustan Rome and Empire.

The individual assignment offers students an opportunity to choose and examine in some depth an aspect of classical literature or civilisation that is of particular interest. The student is required to put together a research dossier of annotated primary source materials relating to a topic in Roman or Classical Greek history, literature, religion, mythology, art, archaeology or their later influence. These may be, but are not required to be, related to an aspect of part of the syllabus. A dossier may combine a variety of sources but it must focus on one topic, issue or question.

Assessment is internally marked and externally moderated.

Written exam 80%.

Individual assignment 20%.

Possible visits include:

Rome Museum of Classical Archaeology, Cambridge British Museum

Further information

For more information about choosing courses at Impington VC please see Choosing your IB Programme.

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