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NVQ Level 3 French at The Academy @ Ridgewood Trust

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The study of French at NVQ Level 3 is a challenging experience. The topics covered command interest and will be explored through the media of text, conversation, and authentic resources such as internet, television and radio.

As the world becomes increasingly smaller, the ability to communicate effectively in another language is an essential, bringing with it the opportunity to aim at a greater understanding  and cultural awareness.

The course is work related and covers ideas from booking a plane ticket to France, to interpreting food orders for a hotel.

Entry requirements

Grade A*, A or B in French at GCSE

Level 2 French at NVQ


NVQ Level 3 French

This course specialises in the language and cultural awareness surrounding the world of work. The assessment is continuous, with units in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

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Future opportunities

The study of a language at this level holds a plethora of opportunities for further progression and study. It can lead to the continuance of study at degree level, often linking with Business, and language learners often gain the confidence to use their skills during gap years.

For those learners eager to join the workforce, the study of languages lends itself to a varied market, travel and tourism, business, education, the armed forces and interpreting being among them.


Further information

Studying French at Ridgewood will provide students with a range of opportunities, skills and experiences that will be invaluable in preparing them for university or employment. 


Motivated learners with a thirst for knowledge, enthusiasm for manipulating language and inquisitiveness about other peoples of our tightly woven world will enjoy the challenge of this course.



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