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Psychology at Bethnal Green Academy

Course description

There are four units in total, each contributing 25% to the overall A Level. Students willtake two units in Year 12 (which makes up the AS qualification) and two units in Year 13(which completes the A Level).

Course content

Unit 1 (Year 12) - Cognitive Psychology (Memory, Eyewitness Testimony(, DevelopmentPsychology (Early Social Development, Attachment), ResearchMethods.

Unit 2 - Biological Psychology (stress), Social Psychology (conformity,obedience), Individual Differences (abnormality, approaches andtherapies).

Unit 3 (Year 13) - Topics in Psychology (Sleep, Eating Behaviour, Gender Aggression).

Unit 4 - Psychopathology (Schizophrenia, Depression), Psychology in Action(Media Psychology), Research Methods.

Entry requirements

Due to the rigour of the qualification, students enrolling onto A Level Psychology will needto have achieved 5 grades at B or above including English, Maths and GCSE Science.


Students will achieve one A-Level pass at grades A*-E. This course will develop awarenessof the major influences on human behaviour; social, cognitive, emotional and biologicalinfluences. In studying these areas they will develop critical thinking skills, independentlearning skills, public speaking confidence and they will further appreciate the linkbetween Psychology and Science.

Future opportunities

A qualification in Psychology is particularly useful for jobs involving the leadership ofothers or the shaping of others' behaviours e.g. counselling, psychiatry, teaching, policing,forensic science, prison services, etc. It is a well respected A-Level course and will allowfor progression into undergraduate degree programmes.

Last updated date: 20 March 2012

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 2 Years


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