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Geography at Tring School

Course description

Awarading Body: AQA

Option Blocks: B and C

Geography is a contemporary subject which explicitly engages with the relationship of the human populations to each other over space and time and their relationship with their physical enviroment at a variety of scales from the local to the global.

At Tring AS Geography is taught following the AQA A syllabus.

The course content is contemporary and offers  students the chance to engage with many of the geographical issues that are facing the world today.

What are the results like? The Geography department has made a tradition of achieving excellent results from its students at AS and at A2 over many years. The AS cohort of 2011-2012 are an example of this achieving 100% A-E, 83% A or B and 76% meeting or exceeding their target grade.  At A2 100% of students achieved grades A - E and over half avchieved A* - B.

Is there any coursework? There is no coursework at either AS or A2 Geography. However, both Unit 2 (at AS) and Unit 4B (at A2) require fieldwork to have been completed and the students will be examined on their fieldwork techniques and geographical skills.

What fieldtrips are available? Throughout the A level course there are a variety of trips available to the students: Loughton Brook: In preperation for the fieldwork section of the Unit 2 paper the students carry out fluvial fieldwork on one of the local rivers Dorset.  The Dorset trip has a long tradition at Tring School and is always popular with the students. It is a three day residential trip where the students have the opportunity to see the incredible features of Dorset first hand

Overseas Residential: A recent addition to the A level course is an overseas trip. In 2012 the Year 12 and Year 13 students are travelling to the spectacular geographical location of China!

The A2 course builds on the skills and knowledge gained at AS. Most students continue with Geography through to A2. The focus is on a broader and deeper understanding of the contemporary geographical issues as well as developing their ability to sythesise geographical information in various forms and from various sources.


Course content

Unit 1: Physical & Human Geography Rivers, floods and management (Physical) Costal Enviroments (Physical) Population changes (Human) Energy Issues (Human)

Unit 2: Geographical skills A geographical paper based on the content of Unit 1

Unit 3: Contemporary Geographical Issues Plate tectonics and associated hazards (Physical) Ecosystems: Change and challenge (Physical) World cities (Human) Development and globalisation (Human)

Unit 4B: Geographical Issue Evaluation This unit gives candidates the oppurtunity to use their skills of analysis, synthesis and evaluation. They are provided with the advanced information booklet to facilitate research into an area which extends from the specification content.

Entry requirements

B or above in GCSE Geography.

For Year 13 students should achieve a grade E at AS


Unit 1: 70% of AS marks (35% of A2)

Unit 2: 30% of AS mark (15% of A2)

Unit 3: 30% of mark

Unit 4B: . 20% of mark



Future opportunities

What use will A level Geography be? The knowledge and skills acquired will be ideal for a range of careers or courses as students develop the ability to analyse and evaluate information from a wide variety of sources.

Successful completion of the course means that students are both literate and numerate, with the ability to synthesisse information and write both logically and coherently as well as analyse statistical, geographical and cartographic information and data. All of which is highly valued by employerrs and universities.

Studying Geography at AS/A2 opens a range of career and further educational opportunities as it is a subject which bridges the gap between Arts and Sciences. You will have a wide range of transferable skills that provide an excellent foundation for careers which include the obvious links of: Travel and Tourism, Town Planning, The Environmental Agency (involved in matters such as land use/water management, flood and pollution control). Many branches of business, especially management and personnel, recruit students with a geographical back ground

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Tring School directly.

Last updated date: 12 November 2012
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Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1 year