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Film Studies A Level at Winstanley College

Course description

A Script in One Scene for Three Characters Scene 1. Interior. A Room. Day (A Man is sitting behind a desk in a room whose walls are covered in film posters. He is writing. There is a knock at the door.)

MAN Come in. (The door opens. A young male and young female student enter the room. They look nervously around and walk hesitantly up to the table.)

MAN Yes, can I help you? (They stare at each other. The female student turns to the man.)

FEMALE STUDENT We’d like to know something about Film Studies, please.

MAN Certainly, pull up a chair. (They sit down and lean forward expectantly.)

MAN Well, the basic outline of the course is to look at all aspects of cinema from the latest Hollywood blockbuster to the best of World Cinema.

MALE STUDENT Are there a lot of foreign films on the course?

MAN There are some but mostly in second year  In first year, the emphasis is very much on British and American Cinema so you’ll be studying quite a few films that you might already be familiar with.

FEMALE STUDENT How is the course structured?

MAN Well, the AS course is divided into two modules: Module One comes in two parts and is the coursework element and is worth 40% of your AS grade. For this you have to write a 1,500 word analysis of a sequence lasting 3-5 minutes from a film of your choice. You can focus on use of camera, lighting, set design, editing, use of sound and special effects.

FEMALE STUDENT What films do you look at?

MAN French New Wave cinema from the 1950s and 60s, Hitchcock’s classic thriller, Vertigo and everything from silent films to The Hurt Locker and Avatar for the final topic.

MALE STUDENT Is there a lot of writing?

MAN There is some essay-writing and note-taking, a fair amount of personal research , a great many film screenings and some opportunities for hands-on-film-making.

FEMALE STUDENT What does it lead to?

MAN For most of our students, university, either to study some film or media-related course or another one of the Arts and Humanities family of subjects.

MALE STUDENT Do you think it’s for me?

MAN It is if you are interested in all aspects of cinema and are keen to learn more and expand your knowledge and appreciation of film. It’s also for those who enjoy personal research and keeping up to date with what’s happening in the film world.

FEMALE STUDENT Do you have to be a film buff to really get into it?

MAN Not at all. Being a buff is neither a good nor a bad thing. Some students who choose it are very knowledgeable when they begin the course but others just have a general interest and a willingness to know more. Most people have some interest and knowledge about cinema and this course enables you to build on that and follow your own enthusiasm in parts.

MALE STUDENT What subjects go well with Film Studies?

MAN As I said a moment ago… Arts and Humanities subjects tend to be the most common partners: Media Studies, English, Performing Arts, History, Business Studies, Psychology, that kind of subject, although we do get the odd mathematician and scientist.

FEMALE STUDENT Do you go on any trips or visits?

MAN Yes, in the past, we have gone to Los Angeles, New York, Rome, London and the Berlin Film Festival. Any more questions?

MALE AND FEMALE STUDENT Where do we sign up? (Fade to black as the Hallelujah Chorus plays on the soundtrack)

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Winstanley College directly.

Last updated date: 21 September 2016
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Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 2 years