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A Level Classical Civilisations AQA 2021 at St John Fisher Catholic College - Trinity Sixth Form

Course description

Learning takes place by a variety of teaching and learning styles which include reading set text, discussion, problem solving, independant research and group projects.

Students may also have the change to visit Rome.

Course content


In year 12 students study :

· The history of Athenian democracy.  How Athens was transformed  to become the democracy on which all later systems are modelled.  Students will read historians and study Greek comedy as part of this unit.

· The epic tale The Iliad.  This is  the story of the Greek hero Achilles, his feud with the king, Agamemnon, and his deadly battle with the Trojan prince, Hector.


In year 13 students study:

· The Roman epic The Aeneid.  This tells the story of the founding of the Roman race by Aeneas, prince of Troy.  It is also heavily influenced by the first Emperor Augustus and the recent Roman civil wars.

· Greek Tragedy.  Four tragic plays including the masterpieces that are King Oedipus and Medea. The understanding of Ancient Athenian custom and culture is also required.


No prior knowledge of Classics is required.


Entry requirements


Grade C pass in English at GCSE




Students will take two examinations in year 12 and two examinations in year 13.  Examinations will take the form of short contextual questions based on an excerpt from a play or a book plus extended essay questions. 



Essay questions are based on an understanding of the set text plus a contextual understanding of the history and values of the Ancient Greeks and Romans.


Future opportunities


Classics is a very well respected academic humanities A level.  It provides excellent skills of analysis and communication which are invaluable for further study.  Trinity College, Cambridge ranked it among the most suitable A levels for university study. 

Classics provides a varied learning experience and a diversity of skills that students could take into the workplace.


Further information

Students studying this course say:

"I chose to study Classics at A Level because I am excited about discovering ancient cultures and societies. The blend of mythology, architecture and art, philosophy, drama, history and literature from Ancient Greece and Rome makes it an enthralling subject. I particularly like seeing the difference and similarities between our own". Ammu

"I like Classics because it reveals the cultural shifts that shaped Western Civilisation. So many of our words, ideas and customs have their roots in Greece and Rome. It combines well with many other subjects whislt at the same time being unique"


How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact St John Fisher Catholic College - Trinity Sixth Form directly.

Last updated date: 02 March 2017

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1-2 years

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    • Mark Stevens
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