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Chemistry A-Level at Smestow School

Course description

A-Level chemistry is a requirement for many university courses including medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, biochemistry, engineering and many other chemistry courses. With a Chemistry qualification you could be part of a team working to discover solutions to create a healthier world, with medicines to fight infection. Chemistry is a creative art: from inventing new compounds to increase crop yields - to giving fireworks more “ooh “ appeal - from improving the taste and colour of everyday foods - to improving the way material in clothes is produced. You may be the more sober type and make alcohol-free drinks that taste good or maybe you just want to help in the fight against cancer, in each case A-Level Chemistry is the starting point.

Course content

Module 1; A skills based module designed to give the students the necessary skills needed to be a practical chemist. This module spans both years Year 1: Module 2, Atoms, Bonds and Groups. This module is intended to provide students with a knowledge and understanding of chemical ideas that underpin the whole study of Chemistry. E.g. Quantitative Chemistry, equations, atomic structure, bonding and structure. Module 3, Periodic Table and Energy. This module is intended to provide students with an introduction to Periodicity, the chemistry of Groups 2 and 7, and to develop their understanding of Reaction Rates, Equilibria and Energy Changes in Reactions. Module 4, Core Organic Chemistry. This module will study the chemistry of Alkanes, Alkenes , Alcohols and Haloalkanes and introduce Mass Spectroscopy and Infra Red Analysis. Year 2: Module 5, Equilibria, Energetics and Elements. This module is used to provide students with a deeper knowledge and understanding of Reaction Kinetics, Equilibria, pH and Buffers and the Chemistry of the Transition Elements. Module 6 Further Organic Chemistry and Analysis. This module is intended to provide students with deeper study of organic chemistry.

Entry requirements

As well as the normal matriculation requirements to study at AS level you must:  Have at least two B grades or equivalent in GCSE Science.  have at least a B grade in Mathematics  To proceed to A2 level Chemistry, a minimum of a grade D at AS is required.


All exams will be held in June of year 2 Paper 1, 2 ¼ hour exam (37%). Paper 2, 2 ¼ hour (37%). Paper 3, 1 1/2 hour exam (26%) , Module 1 Assessed in lessons, leading to a separately reported Practical Endorsement

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Smestow School directly.

Last updated date: 11 June 2015
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