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Geography AS/A2 at Trinity School

Course description

This course is a covered in four core themes – water and carbon cycles, landscape systems, global systems global governance, changing place and changing places. This provides a balance of the many aspects of geography – local, regional, national and global. Many of our students have gone onto university to follow courses in Geography or Geography - related courses. We feel that our chosen specification is an excellent course for its modern and wide ranging themes.

Course content

Year 1 (Year 12) - Tectonic processes that help to explain why some parts of the world might be at greater risk from earthquake and volcanic hazards than others, which can in turn lead to more effective hazard management.

Landscape systems that show how changing global temperatures are having a disproportionate impact upon certain regions, which in turn may bring about then idea of environmental refugees.

Globalisation that shows how countries and regions are increasingly interconnected and interdependent with advantages and disadvantages for both the rich world and the poor world. Students will see how society at different scales from consumer to national government and international trade groups will be affected and have to respond to constantly changing patterns of globalisation.

Shaping places is a unit which requires students to research how their region has been determined – who are the key investors and how successful might any regeneration have been. This might be an inner city area which has been successfully redeveloped thought sport or retailing, or how coastal resorts can be made desirable once again through investment in flagship schemes. This is an excellent opportunity for fieldwork.


Year 2 (Year 13) - The water cycle and water – insecurity allows our students to explore the concepts behind the transfer of water in different forms and how this may be being interrupted leading to different regions suffering from unreliability of water supplies.

The carbon cycle and energy – security is to introduce students to the issues about our energy choices as a nation and as a global community, and how we can achieve fairness between the rich and poor world.

Climate change futures is a unit to allow students to explore how there are always choices, especially for richer nations about what options for our energy supply may be taken in the future.

Superpowers is a topic which explores the idea that there are super powerful nations which dominate trade, culture, military power and technological development.

Global development and connections. It is vital that young A level Geographers see how the world is interconnected and the development of the less powerful nations will be governed by which countries are linked.


Entry requirements

Grade C or above in GCSE Geography


Year 1 - Two exams in Year 12, each one and a half hours, one physical and one human.

Year 2 - Three exams in Year 13 and one piece of coursework (20%), all taken at the end of the course.

Future opportunities

Student progress will be carefully monitored through shorter pieces and longer fieldwork-based projects.

Further information

Contact A Winter, Head of Sixth Form 01228 516051

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Trinity School directly.

Last updated date: 03 November 2016
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