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Philosophy and Ethics A Level at Haileybury Turnford School

Course description

Obviously you want to know what you will be studying! Here is a brief insight into some
of the key concepts and questions.
AS Course
Unit 1: Foundations in Ethics and Philosophy of Religion
The relationship between religion and morality; where do people get their sense of
right and wrong from? Does religion give people a guideline for living or is it too
outdated? What is a conscience? How do people make their decisions?
Utilitarianism; How do people solve ethical dilemmas? How do you know If you are
making the right decision? Should you try and do the best thing for the majority of
Situation Ethics; Feminism, civil rights, teenage and hippy culture, sources of authority
– how have these led to a change in beliefs and society?
War and peace; Is there such a thing as a Just war? What does it mean to be a
pacifist? Is it ever acceptable to use nuclear weapons?
Sexual Ethics; What is society’s view on marriage? Should society accept
homosexuality? Is it ethically wrong to be divorced? How do attitudes towards sex and
relationships influence today’s society? 55
Philosophy of Religion
The existence of God; does God exist? What arguments are there to prove and
disprove God’s existence? What are some of the philosophical arguments? Was the
world created? Was it designed? Was it an accident?
The problem of evil and suffering; why is there evil and suffering in the world? Who is
responsible? What is free will? Does the devil really exist? What are the different
types of evil?
Miracles; Do miracles exist? Where do they come from? What is the law of nature?
Why do people believe they have experienced a miracle?
Unit 2; Investigations; An enquiry based approach into Ethics
Unit 2 is all about YOU becoming a more independent learner and choosing a focus that
most interests you. After studying the following 3 areas, you will answer a question in
the exam on your chosen area.
Either : Medical ethics
or: The natural world
or: Equality in the modern world

Entry requirements

GCSE in English A*- C GCSE in RE/SMSC is useful but NOT required.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Haileybury Turnford School directly.

Last updated date: 11 November 2014
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Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1-2 Years