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Business - A Level at Lordswood Sixth Form Centre

Course description

Business - Linear A level 

Course content

The new A level involves the study of modern business ventures with of a focus on decision making in the main functional areas and implication for the business overall.

Over the course business students study six areas:

1 What is business?

2 Managers, leadership and decision making

3 Decision making to improve marketing performance

4 Decision making to improve operational performance

5 Decision making to improve financial performance

6 Decision making to improve human resource performance

7 Analysing the strategic position of a business

8 Choosing strategic direction

9 Strategic methods: how to pursue strategies

10 Managing strategic change

Entry requirements

C grade or above in GCSE mathematics.

C grade or above in English.

C grade or above if studied previously


Assessment for A Level Qualification:

A level:

3 Papers: Based on sections 1-10 above

Three written exam: Two hours each 100 marks in total per paper Each paper is worth 33.3% of A-level weighting

A Level Paper 1:

Three compulsory sections:

Section A has 15 multiple choice questions (MCQs) worth 15 marks.

Section B has short answer questions worth 35 marks.

Section C has two essay questions (choice of one from two and one from two) each worth 25 marks.

A Level Paper 2:

Three data response compulsory questions worth approximately 33 marks each and made up of three or four part questions.

A Level Paper 3:

One compulsory case study followed with approximately six questions.

Future opportunities

Students with a business qualification have progressed to degree programmes in areas such as business management, human resources management, business and law, marketing, accountancy, business finance, computer science and also degrees in education.  There are also apprenticeship and school leaver opportunities.

Further information

What skills do I need to develop to be successful on this course?

It’s important for business studies students to ask the following questions “How are businesses successful?” “How can success be measured?” “How does decision making impact a business and its functional areas?”

Over the course of the A level studies staff will help students to understand ‘how?’. As part of this process, students will need to ensure they:

• Research various sources of material

• Explain why businesses choose to make decisions

• Write essays which include analysis and evaluation

• Complete examination material in preparation for final exams

• Carry out research activities

• Keep up to date with the developments in the business sector – newspapers, websites, TV programmes

• Create and deliver presentations

• Be involved in enterprise actives

• Be involved in class discussions

By the end of the A level students will have acquired a greater understanding of how real businesses operate successfully and how decision making is vital in their success.

What other subjects compliment A Level Business?

Business studies is an A level subject which works well in combination with all subjects including vocational subjects. Business studies students often study a wide range of other subjects which their business knowledge can either support or the combination of subjects helps them to keep their options open when applying to university or an apprenticeship. Subjects include: ICT, media studies, psychology, modern foreign languages, sociology, engineering and government and politics.

How will I be taught?

The business studies department consists of staff that have managed their own businesses and have many years of experience teaching A level students and hence offer real life business knowledge and examples to students. In 2014, 87.5% of our students achieved A*-C. Lessons will consist of traditional style theory lessons in addition, student involvement via discussions and presentations on a regular basis. Students will be required to prepare materials as a group and also individually. Timed examination style exercises will also be used to ensure students can be assessed throughout the course. The business studies department encourage students to work in teams to create in-school profit making businesses as part of their extra-curricular programme. The department also offer visits to various businesses from Cadbury’s to Alton Towers to enhance the understanding of business concepts for all students.

What extra-curricular opportunities are there?

Visit to Cadbury’s World

Visit to Drayton manor

Involvement in the Christmas fayre

Running school events

Trip to Clothes Show

Managing Charity events

University of Birmingham master classes

Visiting speakers Seminars/ Webinars

Student Testimonial, why study A Level Business?

I would certainly recommend studying A-level business studies to someone who has a keen interest in enterprise, and wants to explore how different businesses operate and what makes them successful. Whether it be a smaller business like your local corner shop, to large international businesses like McDonald's. Business studies is a dynamic combination of finance, economics, ethics, marketing, human resources and operations. A business studies student would need to be flexible in their thinking, so that they can make supported judgements and offer recommendations. Business studies is a very up to date course, where there are often many opportunities to discuss business related issues that are currently in the news. In business studies we are always encouraged to apply our knowledge beyond the curriculum, and are given the opportunity to create and manage our own in-school business. This allows us to really understand the theory we have learnt in our lessons and provides great satisfaction when rewarded with profit we have made. You can expect to develop your analytical, evaluative and interpersonal skills throughout the course, which are transferable to various university courses and careers. I feel that business studies has made me much more questioning to decisions made by businesses in the outside world, and has taught me to appreciate that there are different perspectives to each decision. Business studies is such a diverse subject it can complement a variety of career choices, and so I would highly recommend studying A level business studies. Shanita Purewal

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Lordswood Sixth Form Centre directly.

Last updated date: 22 November 2015
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