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Sociology AS and A Level at Whitmore High School

Course description

This course is for anyone with an interest in how people's values are formed, how societies change and the ways in which our multicultural world is constructed. You'll also be taught to interpret data from interviews to questionnaires, analyse modern day issues, and develop key research skills using a range of sources including autobiographies and video observations.

Course content

Sociology makes sense of human existence and human behaviour, focusing on the relationship of the individual to society. You’ll learn to challenge widely held assumptions about human behaviour and the cultural values which produce this behaviour. You’ll learn to interpret data and to analyse issues, as well as developing research skills.

The AS units covered are ‘Families and Households’ ‘Research Methods’ and ‘Education and Methods in Context’.

The topic 'Families and Households' allows students to take an in depth look at how the family has changed and evolved since the 1900s and it asks students to question whether these changes will benefit our society or whether they will damage our society.

The topic ‘Research Methods’ looks at the different research techniques used by sociologists in their investigations and the strengths a limitations of each approach. 

The topic 'Education and Methods in Context' presents students with questions about the education system such as 'why do girls outperform boys?' and 'does wealth have an impact upon a person’s success in education?'.

Students will use theoretical perspectives and sociological studies to answer such questions. Students will also learn about the way in which a sociologist carries out research and the strengths and weaknesses of different methodology. They will be expected to be able to apply their knowledge of research methods to consider the best ways to study education. 

In the overall A Level qualification, along with Families and Education, students will study the units 'Beliefs in Society' and ‘Crime and Deviance and Methods in Context’ with ‘Sociological Theory and Research Methods’. 

'Beliefs in Society' asks to students to consider the different types of beliefs people have and to question the purpose these beliefs have. Students will examine established religions, cults, sects and science as belief systems and consider the different theoretical perspectives.

'Crime and Deviance and Methods in Context’ along with ‘Sociological Theory and Research Methods’ will allow the students to look at why people commit crimes and consider who commits crimes according to national statistics. Students will be expected to interrogate statistics and consider whether they are realistic. Students will also apply sociological theory and the methods that theorists use.


How will I be assessed?

Exams 100%

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Future opportunities

University degree courses leading to careers in the media, teaching, the caring professions, law, politics and business. 

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Whitmore High School directly.

Last updated date: 21 December 2016

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