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Law A Level at Ysgol Y Strade

Course description

Students will study a range of issues, including :

  • How the Law has developed over the centuries.
  • How the Law has developed over the centuries.
  • The relationship between law and morality—e.g. Should the Law interfere in ones’ personal life and to what extent?
  • What happens to someone who is charged with a crime?
  • What is the procedure for suing someone?
  • How do Judges reach their decisions?

Students will need to consider some challenging questions:

  • Do the rich get better justice than the poor?
  • Is it right that the European Union influences the laws of the U.K. as much as they do?
  • When there is a conflict between your human rights and those of another, whose should prevail?
  • Should the Police have more or less power?

Course content

LA1: Understanding Legal Values, Structures and Processes

LA2: Understanding Legal Reasoning, Personnel and Methods

LA3: Criminal Law and Justice - Substantive Law

LA4: Criminal Law and Justice - Understanding the law in context

Entry requirements

The subject will be new to the majority of students and there is no requirement that they come with any prior knowledge or experience. However they should be able and willing to express themselves confidently and clearly, both verbally and in their written work. A mature attitude towards working consistently is essential, as students will be expected to read around the subject and work independently between lessons.


LA1: Written Examination 1h30m

LA2: Written Examination 1h30m

LA3: Written Examination 1h30m

LA4: Written Examination 2h30m

Future opportunities

  • An interesting and topical subject which affects every aspect or our lives.
  • An excellent foundation for further study at University or College.
  • An academic subject that develops and refines the skills of interpretation, analysis and expression.

Further information

Examining Body: WJEC

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Ysgol Y Strade directly.

Last updated date: 01 December 2016

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