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Sociology A Level at Prudhoe Community High School

Course description

Year 12

Families and Households Unit   

  • Topic 1: Marriage, divorce and cohabitation (trends, causes and sociological theoretical views)
  • Topic 2: Family Diversity (trends, causes and sociological theoretical views)
  • Topic 3: Functions of the family (Theories such as Functionalism, Marxism, Feminism and Individualism thesis)
  • Topic 4: Social Policy (Example of laws, impact on family structures and theoretical perspectives)
  • Topic 5: Division of domestic labour (March of progress vs. conflict perspective)
  • Topic 6: Childhood (Social construction, western notion, globalisation, future of childhood)
  • Topic 7: Demography (Birth rates, death rates, emigration)

Education Unit

  • Topic 1:Class differences in educational achievement (external factors-cultural deprivation, subculture, parental attitudes etc)
  • Topic 2:Class differences in Achievement (internal factors- setting , streaming , labelling sfp etc)
  • Topic 2 and Topic 3 – Role of educational in society (marxism , functionalism , new right views)
  • Topic 4- (Christmas independent study) Ethnic differences in achievement (external and internal factors including cultural and material deprivation, institutional racism, ethnocentric curriculum)
  • Topic 5 – Gender differences in education (internal and external factors, boys v girls, gender and subject choice,etc)
  • Topic 6- Education and social policy  (from 1944 – tripartite, comprehensives, marketisation, parentocracy, privatisation, policies to address gender, class, and ethnicity.)

Theory and methods unit

  • Interpretivist vs. Positivist
  • Factors impacting choice of method
  • Sampling
  • PET for different sociological methods such as Participant observation, interviews, statistics, documents, questionnaires and experiments
  • Methods in context: Education

Year 13

Crime and Deviance Unit

  • Class differences inc Marxism
  • Realist Theories: Left and Right
  • Gender and Crime: Trends and Sociological explanations

Ethnicity and crime: Trends and Sociological explanations

  • Crime and the Media
  • Globalisation, Green crime, State Crime and Human Rights
  • Control, punishment and victims

Theory and Methods Unit

  • Re-cap of Year 12 Methods
  • Interpretivism vs. Positivism
  • Consensus, conflict, structural and social action theories
  • Subjectivity, objectivity and value freedom
  • Relationship between Sociology and Social Policy
  • The nature of science and the extent to which Sociology can be regarded as scientific

Beliefs in Society Unit

  • Introduction to Sociology of Religion
  • What is Religion? Definitions
  • Theories of Religion: Functionalism
  • Theories of Religion: Marxism
  • Theories of Religion: Feminism
  • Religious Institutions
  • Religious Participation
  • Religion as a conservative force
  • Religion as a force for change
  • Secularisation: Possible causes
  • Secularisation: Trends and Patterns
  • Secularisation: Weber and Bruce
  • Secularisation: The USA
  • Secularisation: The Spiritual Revolution
  • Science and Ideology
  • Religion in a global context
  • Postmodernity



Students will sit three external exams at the end of Year 13

Paper 1: Education with Theory and Methods.  

Paper 2: Topics in Sociology (Families and Households and Beliefs in Society)

Paper 3: Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods

All exams are 2 hours in length and worth 33.3% of the A level marks

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Prudhoe Community High School directly.

Last updated date: 20 March 2017

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