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Mathematics A level at Wilberforce College

Course description

Maths is one of the most useful courses to study, because most jobs and university courses involve Maths in some way!  Even if it’s not the exact Maths that you will learn on this course, employers and university lecturers know that you will have the ability to look at problems and challenges and find solutions.

Course content


In the first year, you will study three modules called Core 1, Core 2 and Decision 1.  Core 1 and Core 2 are like the Maths that you will have seen at GCSE level, just developed further: there are different types of graphs to study including quadratic and cubic graphs, calculus to find gradient functions and areas under graphs, circles and studying lines crossing them and trigonometry using the sin, cos and tan functions.

The Decision 1 module is, generally, students’ favourite module because it is unlike any of the Maths you will have seen before.  In this module, we look at ‘business’ style Maths: topics like finding the fastest route between two places, finding a route for a travelling salesman to visit a sequence of towns and matching jobs to people who have the skills to do them.  It’s also a popular module because students achieve really high grades on it!


In the second year, you will study three modules called Core 3, Core 4 and Statistics 1.  Core 3 and Core 4 are like the Core modules in the first year, just developed further again!  You will study how to use calculus to find the gradient function and area under the graphs of more complicated functions, how to model exponential growth and make predictions and much more!

In the Statistics 1 module, you will learn about comparing sets of data using measures of spread and using samples of data to make predictions about whole populations.  You will also learn about different types of probability, including using the Normal Distribution to work out probabilities relating to continuous rather than discrete data.

Entry requirements

Five A* - C grades at GCSE including a grade C in GCSE English Language. To study Mathematics you will need at least a B in GCSE Mathematics


Each of the 3 modules in AS Level Maths has a single exam, where you will receive a score out of 100.  The total score out of 300 then decides your final grade, with 240 being an A grade, 210 being a B grade, 180 a C grade and so on. There is no coursework for any of the 3 modules.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Wilberforce College directly.

Last updated date: 06 September 2016

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