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Mathematics - AS / A level at Ipswich School

Course description

'Pure Mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas' - Albert Einstein

Like many other academic disciplines, Mathematics has its own inherent beauty which becomes more apparent and fascinating the further one explores the subject. Mathematics supplies the tools we need to understand the world around us, make sense and meaning out of disorder, and to understand concepts that can be difficult to perceive.

Studying Mathematics at AS and A level will be a challenging yet highly rewarding experience. You will develop and build upon your problem solving skills, logical thought and analytical processes that will also serve to benefit you across the wider curriculum as a whole. If you enjoy the subject and find satisfaction and pride in finding solutions to problems then you will have much to gain from studying Mathematics at this level.

Course content

The Mathematics Department at Ipswich School offers the OCR AS Level, A Level and Further Mathematics A Level. The course is taught by highly qualified and experienced Mathematicians, all of whom are passionate and skilled exponents of the subject matter. The learning environment is relaxed yet purposeful. In addition to learning the theory and practising associated methods and techniques, students are encouraged to question the material and discuss their ideas thereby benefiting the group dynamics. The school has a site licence for the mathematical software 'Autograph' which is a valuable tool that helps bring the subject to life.
AS Level

The AS course is composed of two 'Core' Pure Mathematics modules and one Statistics module. The Pure Mathematics will build upon the Trigonometry, Algebra and Geometry studied at GCSE as well as introducing the idea of Functions and, of course, Calculus which is perhaps one of the most important mathematical advances of recent times. The Statistics element of the course begins by revising some of the more straightforward data analysis techniques before moving on to a more formal approach to probability. The student will be able to appreciate the relevance of mathematical measure in the context of problems in every day existence.

A Level

In Year 13, students going on to A2 will take two more 'Core' modules in Pure Mathematics as well as a Mechanics module. The Pure Mathematics will further enhance and extend the students' understanding of Trigonometry, Algebra and Calculus as well as introducing Vectors in three dimensions. The Mechanics module will deal with the mathematics behind forces, motion in a straight line and basic momentum.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Ipswich School directly.

Last updated date: 20 May 2014
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