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Physics AS/A Level at South Dartmoor Community College

Course description

Physics is a subject that has great resonance in many aspects of everyday life. It is the subject that allows students to explore, explain and understand much of modern technology as well as taking a deeper look at the underlying fundamental aspects of Physics that will be familiar to students from GCSE.

Course content

The main topics of study are:

  • Practical Circuits;
  • Waves and their interactions;
  • Mechanics of motion;
  • Quantum Mechanical Effects;
  • Gravitational and Electrical Fields;
  • Radioactivity and Medical Physics.

Entry requirements

At least:

  • In triple science – B in GCSE Physics, as well as a B in at least one other science (GCSE Biology or Chemistry)
  • In GCSE core/additional science – AA
  • Grade B in GCSE Mathematics and English


Students’ knowledge, application, and practical skills are continuously assessed throughout the year using in-lesson strategies, home-learning, and end of topic tests. There are regular mock exams based upon exam-style questions to provide both students and staff with a measure of progress. Mock exams are also used to provide feedback on students’ exam technique and application of knowledge, both of which are essential for success in this purely exam based course. For the A-level course, there are external examinations at the end of year 13. Practical investigations are integral to the course and students will be assessed on their ability to plan, analyse and evaluate experimental designs within the end of course assessments, however their practical skills will not contribute to their end result.

Future opportunities

A level Physics allows access to many career opportunities. These include: physics, geophysics, environmental physics, engineering, education, medicine, computing, energy industries, civil service, materials science and the communications industries. Specific degree courses include: physics, aeronautical engineering, aerospace engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, computer systems and software engineering.

Further information

There are two dedicated Physics laboratories, equipped to a very high standard with a range of modern equipment. Examples include: dual beam oscilloscopes, ‘spot’ galvanometers, electron deflection tubes, linear air-track, platinum resistance thermometer, Wheatstone Bridge, potentiometer and, micrometers, Each student is allocated a course text book, with many others available in the College library.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact South Dartmoor Community College directly.

Last updated date: 21 September 2016

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1-2 Years