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Psychology A-Level at Bristol Brunel Academy

Course description

Discover why humans think and behave the way that they do. Study some of the most pioneering pieces of research into human behaviour, early social development and the secrets behind what drives all of our actions.

Course content

Includes units such as: 

  • Early Social Development: Attachment, affects of disrupted attachment, day care. 
  • Abnormality: Definitions of abnormality, biological and psychological approaches and treatments. 
  • Eating behaviour: Attitudes, cultural influences, neural mechanisms, evolutionary explanations and eating disorders.
  • Schizophrenia: Biological and psychological explanations for the condition and therapies.

Entry requirements

Grade B in English and Science, C in Maths

Minimum Academic Standard for Progression into Y13

Entry into Y13 is not automatic in CLF Post 16.

The majority of students will continue into Y13 dependent on the entry criteria for courses as outlined below:

For A levels, all students must attain a minimum academic standard of passing all subjects with at least two D grades for successful progression in to Y13.

Supportive statements from subject teachers confirming suitability for continued study at A level. Following receipt of AS results, students who have met the entry requirements will be offered a place in Y13.

Students who do not meet the entry requirements into Y13 will be given guidance about a change of study programme and relevant courses available. They will not be allowed to re-sit the same core learning aims (i.e. subjects) as they did in Y12.


Previously exams

Future opportunities


BSc (Hons) Psychology degree; BSc Psychology with sociology/law/criminology/counselling.


Clinical/educational/occupational psychologist; counsellor; teacher; lecturer; social worker; youth counsellor; music therapist.


How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Bristol Brunel Academy directly.

Last updated date: 29 April 2015

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