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German Level 3 AS & A2 at Woodkirk Academy

Course description

The following information applies to both French and German although students will of course not necessarily do both.

Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and Advanced Level (A2)

The AS level, with its two modules to be covered in Year 12, offers a final qualification in its own right to those students who want a one year language course. It also represents the first half (50%) of an Advanced Level qualification and so will count as the preparatory step for those students wanting to do a 2 year Advanced Level course in a language.

Course content

So what is it about?

These new specifications for post-16 Language study should introduce a more flexible choice of provision for those 6 th Formers wanting to continue their language studies after GCSE but not all of whom want to take them to the depth required of previous A-Level courses.

Opportunities for young people with foreign language skills are growing all the time in present day Europe . Even if you do not want to specialise in languages, being able to communicate in another language is always a valuable qualification to go along with your other subjects.

Is the AS the course for you?

Students must have an A*-C pass in French and/or German and enjoy the challenge of a foreign language as a practical as well as an intellectual challenge. During the course, you will develop your listening, reading and speaking skills well beyond the level achieved for GCSE. So you will need to be well-motivated and organised: in the course there is a lot to cover and then to learn, therefore, you require a willingness to work hard - obviously in the lessons themselves, but mainly in your own private time. You should have a genuine interest in the countries where your chosen language is spoken and be prepared to read, watch and listen to material in this language.

Entry requirements

Grade B or above in German.


Content and Assessment

The AS course is taught in 2 modules during Year 12 and there are 2 Units of Assessment attached to them.

Course Content Year 12


Popular Culture

Healthy Living

Family and relationships

AS Examination

Unit 1

French (FREN1); German (GERM1)

2 hours

Future opportunities

Career Opportunities:

Students in science, business studies and economics as well as social sciences and other arts subjects are increasingly finding that a post 16 qualification in a language is highly regarded in the modern world, enhancing their chances of acceptance onto their chosen course and their prospects in the job market. Languages are not only required or positively encouraged in the traditional jobs such as Travel and Tourism, Translating, Interpreting and Teaching but also for Business and Commerce. Most large firms today in the European market expect a knowledge of at least one language and many regard the listening and communication skills linguists acquire as very desirable.

What about the 'traditional language student'?

Obviously, those students who want to go on to some sort of language course at university will have the full Advanced Level course in mind from the start of their Year 12 studies and the AS qualification at the end of one year will be for them, an interim qualification picked up (obligatory) along the way to their A-Level at the end of Year 13.

Further information

'AS level French gives a deeper insight into France and the French speaking world than GCSE. I've learnt about worldwide issues and French traditions, as well as improving on the language itself. There is a much bigger focus on grammar, which really helps to be able to say a wider variety of things. Generally very interesting, useful and fun..'

Catherine Hillarby

Deutsch ist wunderbar!

'Our lessons are valuable yet entertaining, the teachers are helpful and enthusiastic and the course is both interesting and worthwhile. German is a real opportunity that cannot be missed.'

Adam Hart-Davies

German is really good in the sixth form because everyone wants to do it and so we all get on really well. We have a mixture of teachers with different teaching styles so lessons are always interesting and fun. As well as getting an A-level in German we also get lots of knowledge about the German culture and people.'

Helen Elliott

How to apply

You can apply for this course through UCAS Progress. Add this course to your favourites so you can start making an application.

Last updated date: 20 May 2014
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  • Duration: 2 Years