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Spanish A-Level at Harris Boys' Academy East Dulwich

Course description

Year 12 Content

In Unit 1 (Spoken Expression and Response in Spanish), students will be rewarded for their ability to converse in Spanish in a general topic area that they have chosen in advance.  Students will be expected to give relevant and appropriate information, convey opinions, as well as interact and respond to a range of questions.  They must choose one of the following general topic areas:

  • Youth Culture and Concerns
  • Lifestyle: Health and Fitness
  • The World around Us: Travel, Tourism, Environmental Issues and the Spanish-Speaking World
  • Education and Employment.

In Unit 2 (Understanding and Written Response in Spanish), students will be required to understand, and convey their understanding, of Spanish language texts and recordings.  In addition, they will need to produce an essay to demonstrate an ability to manipulate the Spanish language in continuous writing.  The Unit draws upon the four general topic areas mentioned in Unit 1.

Year 13 Content

Unit 3 (Understanding and Spoken Response in Spanish), requires students to demonstrate the effectiveness of their Spanish language skills by presenting and taking a clear stance on any issue of their choice.  They will be expected to interact effectively, defend their views and sustain a discussion.

Unit 4 (Research, Understanding and Written Response in Spanish), requires students to demonstrate skills in advanced- level Spanish writing and translation from English to Spanish.

Entry requirements

Students require grade B or above in Spanish GCSE.  

Successful completion of AS Spanish with a grade C or above is necessary to carry on to Year 13 Spanish.


The AS Units 1 and 2 represent 50% of Advanced GCE.

The A2 units 3 and 4 represent 50% of Advanced GCE.

Future opportunities

AS and A2 Spanish will give you a good foundation for further study in Higher Education, and can often be used in conjunction with an additional subject e.g. Business, Law, Spanish Language and Culture.  The knowledge of a foreign language offers wider opportunities to work or travel abroad and will enhance the opportunity to access a wide variety of jobs and careers.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Harris Boys' Academy East Dulwich directly.

Last updated date: 03 June 2015

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