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Music AS level at Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School

Course description

Component 1: Appraising music (40% of the AS marks)
You will answer questions from three sections:
  • Section A: Listening (49 marks)
  • Section B: Analysis (17 marks)
  • Section C: Essay (30 marks)
Component 2: Performance (30% of AS marks)
This component will be externally marked by AQA examiners. Work must be completed between 1 March and 31 May and sent by post/uploaded to AQA.
A minimum of six minutes of performance in total is required (no more than eight minutes).
Component 3: Composition (30% of AS marks)
This component will be externally marked by AQA examiners. Work must be completed by 31 May and sent by post/uploaded to AQA. You must compose minimum of four and a half minutes of music (no more than six minutes).
The four and a half minutes will consist of two compositions:
  • Composition 1: Composition to a brief (25 marks)
  • Composition 2: Free composition (25 marks)

Entry requirements

To follow a programme of A-Level subjects, students must have a minimum of 5.5 GCSE points from at least six GCSEs, which must include English and Mathematics (at grade 5). 
In order to study a subject at A-Level that has been studied at GCSE it is necessary to have at least a grade C (grade 5 if English) in that subject.
GCSE equivalence grades at C or above, from courses such as BTECs can only be
counted as one of the six grades required for entry to the Sixth Form. These will not be sufficient to study Mathematics or Science at AS Level.
All students must have a good record of conduct and be comfortable with the values and the ethos of the academy. All students will be interviewed and references sought for external candidates.
Progress from Year 12 to Year 13 is not automatic and is dependent upon a successful first year and a pass grade in the progression exams taken at the end of Year 12.


1.  Appraising music:  Written exam:  40% of AS level
2.  Performance:  6-8 min Performance:  30% of AS level
3.  Composition:  4.5-6 min Composition:  30% of AS level

Further information

Students are encouraged to develop their musical talents, either individually or as part of an ensemble. Ensembles are dependent on the cohort of instrumentalists and those currently active are:
  • Senior Choir
  • Senior Band
  • Swing Band
  • Ukulele Group
Practices are weekly and concerts are presented at Christmas and in the summer term. Musicians also support the annual show. The academy’s musical production is performed for several consecutive nights and is well-attended each year by parents and the local community. Year 12 students are regularly involved both on stage and back stage.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School directly.

Last updated date: 23 December 2016

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