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Applied Science BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma at Scarborough Sixth Form College

Course description

In this course you will learn about important scientific principles and practical techniques. You will find out how science is used in the workplace and what it is like to work in the science industry. You will develop the skills necessary for a career in a variety of science based organisations. The course will also appeal to students who have no definite career plan at present, but just enjoy and are interested in science.
Whether your interest lies in sport science, forensics, health care, primary teaching or laboratory work, the BTEC level 3 in Applied Science could be for you.

Course content

Year 1.
At the end of this year, you will have a BTEC level 3 Certificate in Applied Science. There are two units to study:
Unit 1: Principles and Applications of Science I This unit covers some of the key science concepts in biology, chemistry and physics. You will study animal and plant cells; tissues; atomic structure and bonding; chemical and physical properties of substances related to their uses; waves and their application in communications.
Unit 2: Practical Scientific Procedures and Techniques In this unit you will be introduced to standard laboratory equipment and techniques, including titration, colorimetry, calorimetry, chromatography, calibration procedures and laboratory safety.

Year 2.
At the end of this year, you will have a BTEC level 3 Extended Certificate in Applied Science. There are a further two units to study:
Unit 3: Science Investigation Skills You will demonstrate your skills and knowledge in a practical scientific scenario. You will carry out an experiment and then complete a written task based on your findings. The task will be set and marked by Pearson.

The remaining unit will be selected from the following:

Unit 8. Physiology of Human Body Systems
Unit 9. Human Regulation and Reproduction
Unit 10. Biological Molecules and Metabolic Pathways
Unit 11. Genetics and Genetic Engineering
Unit 12. Diseases and Infections
Unit 13. Applications of Inorganic Chemistry
Unit 14. Applications of Organic Chemistry
Unit 15. Electrical Circuits and their Application
Unit 16. Astronomy and Space Science

Entry requirements

You will need to meet the Level 3 BTEC entry requirements plus a minimum of C in GCSE Science or a Merit of Distinction in BTEC Science.


You will be assessed in a variety of ways. For Unit 1 you will be assessed by examination which is split into three equal sections (biology, chemistry and physics). For Unit 2 and the optional unit you will produce a portfolio of coursework. For Unit 3 you will carry out a task that tests your ability to plan, record, process, analyse and evaluate scientific findings. This task is set and marked by Pearson.

Future opportunities

BTEC level 3 in Applied Science provides an ideal qualification, alongside other A level or BTEC qualifications, for entry to University for a whole range of different science based degree courses. Examples include sports science, forensics, nursing and other health care professions. It is also a good qualification for students wishing to study primary teaching.

Some students choose to go directly into employment in science based industries and the armed forces.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Scarborough Sixth Form College directly.

Last updated date: 16 November 2016
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