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Ancient History - AS / A level at Suffolk One

Course description

Ancient History is ideal for students with a curiosity about of Ancient Greece and Rome. Using original sources such as ancient texts that have survived over the millennia and epigraphic evidence the ancient historian attempts to shed light upon past societies and their histories, uncovering dramatic events of world-changing proportions and offering new perspectives on key events. Close textual analysis allows us to discover the values of Ancient Greece over two and a half thousand years ago and reveals a Britain under the Roman Empire for over four hundred years.

Course content

In year one (AS) the course introduces the students to original texts and stone inscriptions that on close study reveal events and their causes that seem strikingly familiar today. Students discover how empires are built and of course destroyed from nearly 2500 years ago. Remarkable original sources reveal a complex world where motives are hard to discern. The course then moves on to Roman Britain where again with the use of original sources, we offer interpretations on conquest, domination and assimilation that seem to echo through the centuries and still bear relevance today.

In year two (A2) the course goes even deeper into the causes and motivations behind these past societies as we try to see into the minds of the Ancient Greeks as they go to war with each other and of the Romano-British inhabitants as we attempt to put together how the province was organised and governed.

Entry requirements

No previous study is required but an interest in historical and archaeological matters are important. A grade C in GCSE English is required.


Two written examinations (year 1)

Two written examinations (year 2)

Future opportunities

You can apply for degree courses in Archaeology, Earth Sciences (Geology), Ancient or Modern History amongst others. The skills and disciplines learned on this course are highly valued by all universities. A broad range of career paths are opened up not only in the humanities field but also in business as the analytical approach adopted in this A Level provides a firm foundation for any innovative thinker.

Further information

Which subjects complement this A level?

* Geology

* Geography

* History

* Modern Languages

* Archaeology

* English

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Suffolk One directly.

Last updated date: 20 May 2014
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