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Computer Science A-Level at The Warren School

Course description

Computer Science will above all else be relevant to the modern and changing world of Computing. Computer Science is a practical subject where learners can apply the academic principles learned in the classroom to real world systems. It is an intensely creative subject that combines invention and excitement, and can look at the natural world through a digital prism. A Level in Computer Science will value computational thinking, helping learners to develop the skills to solve problems, design systems and understand the power and limits of human and machine intelligence. Students will develop an ability to analyse, critically evaluate and make decisions. The project approach is a vital component of ‘post-school’ life and is of particular relevance to Further Education, Higher Education and the workplace.

Course content

The content of this A Level in Computer Science is divided into three components. Computer systems component contains the majority of the content of the qualification and is assessed in a written paper recalling knowledge and understanding. Algorithms and programming component relates principally to problem solving skills needed by learners to apply the knowledge and understanding gained in Component 01. Programming project component is a practical portfolio based assessment with a task that is chosen by the teacher or learner and is produced in an appropriate programming language of the learner’s or teacher’s choice.

Entry requirements

The ideal student will be anyone who enjoys mathematics or any of the science subjects. You must have the passion to solve problems; you should be organised and systematic and have an interest in current technological trends. Five A* – C grades in GCSE including an A grade in Mathematics


Computer systems (01), 140 marks, 2 hours and 30 minutes written paper – 40 % of the total A Level
Algorithms and programming (02), 140 marks, 2 hours and 30 minutes written paper – 40 % of the total A Level
Programming project (03), 70 marks, project

Future opportunities

A Level Computer Science provides a suitable foundation for the study of computer science or related courses, such as the mathematics or the sciences, in higher education. Equally, it is suitable for candidates intending to pursue careers or further study in computer science or ICT, or as part of a course of general education.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Warren School directly.

Last updated date: 25 June 2015

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