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Physics A Level at St Michael's Church of England High School

Course description

A-level Physics further develops many of the concepts introduced at GCSE allowing you to gain a deeper understanding and answering many of the questions left unresolved by studying Physics at GCSE level. It is a well-respected subject that is needed for a wide range of careers and desirable for many others.

Course content

Physics covers a range of topics with a mixture of theory and practical work including material behaviour and applying Newton’s Laws, linear, circular and oscillating motion, light and sound waves, direct and alternating current electricity, particle physics, which is studying particles inside the atom and those produced artificially, quantum physics, which introduces the photon and particle-wave duality, gravitational, electrical and magnetic fields, radioactivity, fission and fusion, thermodynamics (heat transfer and gas behaviour) and astrophysics (what the universe is made of and how we know).

Entry requirements

Grade B in GCSE Physics as a separate science or Grades BB in Core and Additional Science. You will also need a grade B in GCSE Mathematics.


Examination – Paper 1 AS (50%) 1.5 hours
Examination – Paper 2 AS (50%) 1.5 hours

A Level: 
Examination – Paper 1 A Level (34%) 2 hours

Examination – Paper 2 A Level (34%) 2 hours

ExaminationProject – Paper 3 A Level (32%) 2 hours

Assessment is via external examination following the AQA specification.

Future opportunities

Physics A-level is a very popular subject with employers and universities and is particularly valued in the fields of banking and finance, programming and computer science, construction and town planning, and medicine. A-level Physics is required to study all branches of Engineering at university.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact St Michael's Church of England High School directly.

Last updated date: 30 September 2015

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