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Religious Studies A Level at Plymouth High School for Girls

Course description

- You want to be a critical thinker, not someone who just accepts what they are told.
- You want to explore some of the most powerful challenges ever made to dominant modes of thought.
- Some of the world’s most successful professionals have backgrounds in Religion and Philosophy.
- Success in this subject demonstrates that you have a broad mind and a willingness to listen to ideas other than your own – a key skill in the modern job market.

You will enjoy this subject if you are interested in the type of issues it covers. You will be good at it if you can train yourself to think logically and accurately, to understand a range of theories and to evaluate them critically, to study primary source material carefully and to represent the ideas of others fairly, and to write clear, well-structured essays. It will keep you thinking!

Course content

Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy is one of those subjects that will at times make you feel like your head is going to burst and at others will give you the most amazing sense of accomplishment. The aim of Philosophy is to explore the BIG questions about the universe, life, meaning and purpose…the answers seldom come easily!

Religion and Ethics

Ethics is about making moral choices. It is about the values that lie behind our choices, the reasons they give for them and the language that is used to describe them. The study of Religion and ethics will give you the opportunity to examine what it means to live a good or bad life and to consider a number of contemporary moral issues. In studying Religion and ethics you will be challenged to examine what it is you value in life and what is worth doing.

Buddhist Studies

Have you ever stopped to wonder whether the way in which we think, speak and act actually agrees with reality? Why is it that Monday mornings are so depressing after the expectation of Friday afternoons? Why is it that life seems to hurt so much – just when we are least expecting it? These questions, and more, were at the heart of the Buddha’s quest – and are central to ours too – if we are ever honest.

Where will it lead?

Philosophy, Ethics and Buddhist Studies are fascinating subjects that will enable you to develop skills of analysis, logical thought, and literacy. These are essential skills- preparing you well for university and beyond. The course provides a foundation for further study of Philosophy, Religious Studies and Theology. The skills and challenges involved in studying Philosophy, Ethics and Buddhist Studies at A Level are highly relevant to a wide range of courses in the humanities, arts and social sciences.

This qualiÚcation is particularly relevant to people aiming for careers in law, medicine, politics, government and education.

Entry requirements

Our expectations are that students applying to study this Level 3 course for 2 years will have achieved good GCSE grades. A grade B or above in Religious Studies (or an equivalent Level 2 qualiÚcation) is required. All students are considered on individual merit and consideration will be given to students who have not studied GCSE Religious Studies. We welcome applications from enthusiastic students with a commitment to study. An enquiring mind and a willingness to work hard are essential.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Plymouth High School for Girls directly.

Last updated date: 03 March 2017

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