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A Level Further Mathematics at JCoSS

Course description

Further Mathematics at AS/A2 level provides students with an in depth insight into the world of complex numbers, differential equations and the kinematics of particles. Through the use of clear analytical and mathematical problem solving techniques students will be able to present solutions in a clear and accurate manner. In combination with Sciences and Technology, students will equip themselves with a powerful tool with which to tackle higher education at any university.

Course content

D1: Decision 1

The module introduces students to the world of algorithms via study of world renowned problems such as the Route Inspection Problem. Linear programming, graph algorithms, critical path analysis and matchings complete the course allowing for a rigorous understanding of this critical area of mathematics.

FP1: Further Pure 1

Students are introduced to complex numbers (as having both real and imaginary parts). The use of parametric equations is taught as an alternative to the standard Cartesian axes. A study of matrices and a variety of series are studied together with proof by mathematical induction to complete the course.

M1: Mechanics 1

Mechanics looks at how and why physical objects move and behave as they do. This module studies mathematical models in mechanics, vectors, kinematics of particles moving in straight lines, dynamics of particles moving in straight lines or planes, statics of a particle and moments.

FP2: Further Pure 2

Students study further complex numbers and use them to solve both first and second order differential equations. Introduction to Maclaurin and Taylor series as well as further polar coordinates and inequalities allow the students to find new routes to tackle seemingly unanswerable problems.

FP3: Further Pure 3

An introduction to hyperbolic functions together with their derivatives and anti-derivatives provide an alternative view of Euler’s number, ex and its applications. Three dimensional vectors and further matrix work complete this university standard course.

M2: Mechanics 2

In this subsequent module, students are extended by work done in one dimension to that completed in two dimensions. The inclusion of principles from Physics allows for the candidate to make links between formulae in an attempt to solve any number of given problems.

Entry requirements

To be a successful candidate in Further Mathematics you need to above all enjoy the subject. A* in Mathematics at GCSE is necessary to be accepted to the course as much of the work taught is given to students to tackle outside of their classroom.


The examinations consist of a 90-minute paper for each module. They contain eight to ten questions of varying length. Calculators are allowed in all Further Maths modules across both AS and A2 level.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact JCoSS directly.

Last updated date: 27 April 2015
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