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Physics at Adams' Grammar School

Course description

Students who like to ask the questions Why? and How? will get the most out of this course.  The course is structured so as to foster the knowledge and understanding of concepts rather than simply the ability to remember facts.  This will appeal to the student who enjoys developing basic ideas and applying them to basic situations.

Course content

At AS level the course splits into units consisting of a core of mechanics, basic electricity, materials, waves, particle physics and atomic physics.

At A2 the course is split into units consisting of circular motion, gravitation, simple harmonic motion, electromagnetism, electromagnetic induction, thermodynamics, kinetic theory and nuclear physics.
Option topics available at A2 are: astrophysics, applied physics, medical physics and turning points (20th Century) in Physics.

Entry requirements

The course builds on GCSE work and hence good grades in Physics at GCSE (A* and A) are essential.


The AQA syllabus A (2451) is followed, which is a modular examination. A practical assessment will also be undertaken much along the lines of the Individual Skills Assignment (ISA) undertaken at GCSE. There are two ISAs for each of AS (20% of AS exam) and A2 (20% of A2 exam).
The rest of the assessment is by examination. Two modules are taken in summer of the lower sixth year (P1 and P2). One module is taken in January of the upper sixth (P4) and one in May/June (P5).

Future opportunities

A large proportion of students studying Physics at Adams go on to study Physics or the many forms of Engineeering at university. The skills developed during a Physics degree should open up a range of job opportunities, amongst which are careers in communications, engineering, management, finance and medicine, to mention a few.

Further information

Please contact the Head of Physics. Also visit

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Adams' Grammar School directly.

Last updated date: 20 May 2014
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