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Product Design at St Birinus School

Course description


  • Advanced innovation Challenge
  • Product Study

    Advanced innovation Challenge is taught in 67 hours with 7 hours to complete an assessment task which is broken down into 3 sessions, (session 1,2,3,) the dates for these sessions are decided by OCR. Session 1 and 2 takes place very much in an art exam format, where students work on individual projects but in small teams of 3 to help present their work to each other. Session 1 and 2 are 3 hours long, session 3 which is a written examination and aimed at reflecting on session 1 and 2.

    Up to session 1 and 2, in the 67 hours, students will follow an over all theme released by OCR in which students then explore. The theme runs for the year, this enables students to gather information and resources into a 'Job Bag' all this research is taken into session 1 and 2 to help students. A challenge sheet (with seven challenges) is given to students and is based on the overall theme researched; students must then choose one of the seven challenges to respond to, in the 3 sessions (7 hours)

    Product Study is taught over 75 hours again with 45 hours being devoted to teaching and learning specific skills. The final product study will be submitted for assessment and should represent the remaining 30 hours worth of time. This will roughly be no more that 20 sides of A3 for completing this unit. Students will select a specific product which has a focus in their area of expertise, and is suited to analysis and development within the prescribed timescale. The task is not a total and complete re-design of their chosen product, but rather identifying opportunities for its further development and enhancement.

  • Entry requirements

    If you achieve at least 5 C grades or above or the equivalent youcould consider Advanced Level courses.

    However, for the majority of Level 3 subjects B grades at GCSEare required. Specific grade requrements for subjects are available from staff and will be discussed at interview .

    How to apply

    If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact St Birinus School directly.

    Last updated date: 09 June 2014

    Key information

    • Start date: Next September
    • Duration: 2 years