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A-Level Geography at Birmingham Ormiston Academy

Course description

Why Study A Level Geography?

If you have a genuine interest in the world around you and current issues and events; with a grade B at Geography GCSE or above; or a strong academic set of results then Geography is most certainly the subject for you.

The OCR Geography A Level is designed to highlight the main issues and concepts that young adults are likely to encounter in their current and future lives, such that they can make better-informed decisions and be aware and sensitive to a wide range of viewpoints and challenges.

BOA will be offering two geography courses. These will be the AS course, (which will cover the AS units only); and the full A Level course (which will cover both the AS and A2 units).

AS Geography

The A Level Specification is there to ensure students develop an understanding of selected physical, human and environmental processes that underpin key geographical concepts. These being to develop the knowledge and understanding of place, space, diversity, interdependence, peopleenvironment interaction, and the processes associated with these and how they change over time.

The units covered during the AS year:

Unit 1 - Managing Physical Environments (1.5 hour exam):

  • River Environments
  • Coastal Environments
  • Cold Environments

Unit 2 – Managing Change in Human Environments (1.5 hour exam):

  • Managing Urban Change
  • Managing Rural Change
  • The Growth of Tourism

Both units are worth 50% each for the As Level or else 25% each for the whole A2 level.

The units covered during the A2 year:

Unit 3 – Global Issues (2.5 hour exam):

  • Earth Hazards
  • Ecosystems and Environments Under Threat
  • Development and Inequalities

Unit 4 – Geographical Skills (1.5 hour exam):

Unit 4 of the exam includes fieldwork and geographical skills. The aim of this unit is to gain:

  • Knowledge and an understanding of the process of geographical research, including fieldwork
  • The skills necessary to complete a piece of individual geographical research
  • The use of technology, eg GIS, remote sensing, etc as research tools
  • A knowledge and understanding of the potential of ICT and its relevance to geographical change
  • The ability to select and use appropriate GIS skills and techniques to explore geographical issues including decision-making and problem-solving
  • An awareness of the problems involved in undertaking individual geographical investigation/research
  • An understanding that interpretation and evaluation of research results should reflect the links and connections between diverse elements of geography

Unit 3 is worth 30% of the total A2 level and Unit 4 is worth 20% of the total A2 paper

Entry requirements

Grade B at Geography GCSE or above; or a strong academic set of results

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Birmingham Ormiston Academy directly.

Last updated date: 28 September 2015
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Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1-2 years