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Sociology A-Level at The West Bridgford School

Course description

Sociology is the study of the behaviour of people in society. RS Philosophy and Ethics studies how human beings respond to life’s deeper questions and issues. These subjects are interesting, engaging and relevant to your everyday life.

Sociology explores how societies work and help shape people’s lives

  •  How does living in society affect us and our identities?
  •  How can we explain the patterns of behaviour we see around us?
  •  Why does human behaviour vary so much?
  •  Why do some young people join gangs?
  •  How might we make a better society?
  •  How might our own perspectives influence what we observe?

If such questions excite your interest, you will enjoy this course. The experience and insights will help you develop a whole new perspective on life. You will look at society, other people and yourself in a new way, with greater understanding. Your success and understanding on many university courses and careers will be significantly enhanced by studying sociology.


  •  Exploring Socialisation, Culture & Identify: how society shapes our identity &exploring research methods
  •  Exploring Youth Culture: how society shapes our idea of youth and youth cultures



  •  Exploring Power & Control: how society defines crime and deviance & exploring response to crime and deviance
  •  Exploring Social Inequality: Social inequality and difference illustrated by gender, class, ethnicity and age Exploring social research on social inequality



Entry requirements

Grade B in GCSE English, within one of the below:

3 A Level subjects + General Studies: 3 Grade B in chosen subjects + 2 Grade C, including Grade B in Maths & English Language

4 A Level subjects + General Studies: 2 Grade A/A* + 2 Grade B in chosen subjects + 1 Grade C, including Grade B in Maths & English Language

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The West Bridgford School directly.

Last updated date: 12 March 2015

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1-2 years