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Geology A Level at The Purbeck School

Course description

Geology is about understanding how the world about you formed and its evolution over Geological time and then using it to understand what we can do to solve the natural issues that we experience today. From the issues of Climate change, the study of Geological Hazards, to looking into Geotechnical Engineering. It can also be used to make predictions about future events and how to deal with their consequences.

Those students studying Geology can expect to be in high demand in future years. The number of Earth science based careers is at an all time high and increasing all the time.

Course content

The content of the A level Geology is split into seven teaching modules

- Module 1 – Development of practical skills in geology
The development of practical skills is a fundamental and integral aspect of the study of any scientific subject

- Module 2 – Foundations in geology

- Module 3 – Global tectonics
Examining the Past, Present and future processes and consequences of plate tectonics – What will the next supercontinent be like?

- Module 4 – Interpreting the past
“The Present is the key to the past” – By interpreting what has happened in the past we can predict what is likely to happen in the future.

- Module 5 – Petrology and economic geology
Studying rocks and their formation, linking this to economic Geology. (Tunnelling, Mining, Quarrying, Building etc)

- Module 6 – Geohazards
The study of all Geological Hazards in staggering detail.

- Module 7 – Basin analysis
The study of the Origin, development and uses of the Oceanic basins around the world.

Entry requirements

Students need to be eligible to follow the Route A Pathway. In addition to this they should achieve at least BB in Science. Students wishing to study Geology should have a real interest in the world around you, a great work Ethic and the desire to be part of a very successful and progressive department.

Future opportunities

Choose Geology if you’re interested in discovering new ideas and how they can be applied to the world in which we live. You will discover the knowledge and skills that very few people ever acquire and will be highly sought after by universities and employers. You will be amongst the top group of people studying, what is traditionally known to be, a very challenging A level.

Having a Geological background will allow you a clear entry into many modern and existing professions. Look at the incredible range of courses, careers and businesses that you will be ideally suited for: All types of Engineering, Environmental Science, Geophysics Education (there’s a shortage of Earth Science teachers), Scientific Research, Geological Hazard & Risk Assessment, Police, Armed Forces, Space Science, Geological Survey, Materials Science, Oil and Mineral Exploration, Weather Forecasting, Building

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Purbeck School directly.

Last updated date: 22 March 2017
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