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Mathematics A level at Bishop Thomas Grant Catholic Secondary School

Course description

The Mathematics department is a very successful department that seeks to equip all students with the skills they will need for life.  We use strategic, evidence-based intervention to promote learning across all key stages.  Our aim is to stimulate students’ interest in the subject, thereby making them logical thinkers, problem solvers and ultimately competent members of society.

For those students who wish to further develop their skills in a demanding yet rewarding and highly respected discipline, A-Level Mathematics at Bishop Thomas Grant is the perfect choice.

Course content

Year 12
C1 covers the following areas of Core Maths, 
  • Algebra and functions 
  • Quadratic functions 
  • Equations and inequalities 
  • Sketching curves 
  • Co-ordinate geometry in the (x,y) plane- finding the equation of a line 
  • Arithmetic sequences and series  
  • Differentiation of simple functions
C2 covers the following areas of Core Maths 
  • Algebra and functions — including long division and the remainder theorem 
  • The sine and cosine rule 
  • Exponentials and logarithms 
  • Co-ordinate geometry in the (x,y) plane- finding the equation of a circle 
  • The Binomial expansion 
  • Radian measure and its applications 
  • Geometric sequences and series 
  • Graphs of trigonometric functions 
  • Differentiation and its applications 
  • Trigonometrical identities and equations 
  • Integration including use of the trapezium rule. 
Students have the option to choose one of the following two modules to complete their AS Maths:
Either S1 covers the following areas of Statistics, 
  • Mathematical models in probability and statistics 
  • Representation and summary of data  
  • Probability 
  • Correlation 
  • Regression 
  • Discrete random variables 
  • The normal distribution 
Or M1 covers the following areas of Mechanics, 
  • Mathematical models in mechanics 
  • Kinematics of a particle moving in a straight line 
  • Dynamics of a particle moving in a straight line 
  • Statics of a particle 
  • Moments 
  • Vectors 
A2 (Year 13)
C3 covers the following areas of Core Maths, 
  • Algebraic fractions 
  • Functions 
  • The exponential and log functions 
  • Numerical methods 
  • Transforming graphs of functions 
  • Trigonometry: functions and identities
  • Differentiation: chain, product and quotient rules 
C4 covers the following areas of Core Maths, 
  • Partial fractions 
  • Co-ordinate geometry in the (x,y) plane-including parametric equations 
  • The Binomial expansion with use of partial fractions 
  • Differentiation with application to parametric equations and differential equations
  • Vectors 
  • Integration — by parts and substitution. 
Y13 complete A2 by taking either of the following: 
Either S2 covers the following areas of Statistics, 
  • The Binomial distribution  
  • The Poisson distribution 
  • Continuous random variables  
  • The Continuous Uniform distribution 
  • Normal approximations 
  • Population and samples  
  • Hypothesis testing 
Or M2 covers the following areas of Mechanics 
  • Kinematics of a particle in a straight line or plane  
  • Centres of mass 
  • Work, energy and power 
  • Collisions 
  • Statics of rigid bodies 

Entry requirements

Grade 8 in GCSE Mathematics


External exams taken in June.

Future opportunities

As well as making many aspects of 21st century life possible, the study of mathematics also underpins many other subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Economics and degree courses such as Engineering and Finance.

Further information

Students are supported at every stage of their A-Level studies, either through extra help if it is needed or enrichment opportunities such as the prestigious King’s College Maths Club.  We believe that through the school’s pastoral care and the Mathematics department’s expertise, we offer the ideal environment for success and this is reflected in our excellent results which this year saw 50% of our students achieving a grade B or above and obtaining a place at their university of choice.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Bishop Thomas Grant Catholic Secondary School directly.

Last updated date: 01 December 2016
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