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Music Technology BTEC Level 3 at Wyke Sixth Form College

Course description

The BTEC Level 3 in Music Technology Extended Certificate will teach the technology of computer and studio music, including sequencing, audio manipulation, synthesis, recording and mixing technique, electronic and acoustic principles.

Course content

Exact details are yet to be determined but the course will likely contain at least the following units:

  • Music Technology in Context

Learners analyse the development of technology, evaluating its impact on the practice of creating and producing music.

  • Studio Recording Techniques

Learners will cover the processes, equipment and practical skills required to produce multitrack recordings in a music studio environment.

  • Mixing and Mastering Techniques

This unit aims to give learners the skills to mix and master a digital audio workstation (DAW) project to a professional standard.

  • Music Software Skills

Learners will develop an understanding of how a digital audio workstation (DAW) can be used creatively to produce music, manipulate audio and mix music.

  • Music and Sound for Media

Learners will explore the production of the music, sound and effects that are used for media products such as games, films and apps.

Entry requirements

technique, electronic and acoustic principles.

The BTEC is open to students who are less familiar with reading sheet music but admission is nevertheless by audition only, since the subject still requires a strong sense of musicality.  Key indicators for eligibility are likely to be:

  • GCSE Music at grade 6 or above;
  • Grade 3 or above equivalent on an instrument;
  • being able to read traditional sheet music to some extent – e.g. treble or bass clef; and
  • a portfolio of compositions.

Auditions are informal and involve a short interview with a music teacher.  Performing on an instrument or presenting past compositions are both good ways to effectively demonstrate musicality.


Each unit will be assessed based on coursework with some being externally examined.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Wyke Sixth Form College directly.

Last updated date: 24 January 2018

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