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Sociology A2 level at Notre Dame Catholic College

Course description

Sociology is the study of societies and how people behave within these societies.  Sociology aims to explain some of the problems that exist in society, such as crime, discrimination, family breakdown and low school achievement. This course is for anybody who has a critical mind.  If you always question why certain things exist in our society, Sociology will probably have many answers.  As an academic subject it is an ideal qualification for anybody wishing to become a social worker, journalist, politician, police officer or to work within the criminal justice system.

Course content

A2 Module Three: Power and Politics This topic tends to excite a lot of heated debate!  We look at how power is defined and the relevance of politics, including globalisation.  The recent demonstrations by students about tuition fees are a very relevant example of direct political action.  We also examine Marxist, Pluralist, Functionalist, Feminist and Postmodernist theories of power. A2 Module 4: Crime and Deviance In this module we look at different explanations of crime as well as its social distribution.  We also consider crime control methods, crime prevention strategies and punishment.  Finally, we discuss global crime, human rights, the media and crimes of the state.


Both the AS and the A2 year are assessed through two modular exams which are available in January and May each year.  There is no coursework

Future opportunities

Sociology prepares students for many careers, including:
• any career which centres on people, for instance, education, medical care and social work;
• those careers which require a logical mind and a keen critical or evaluative ability such as journalism, law or politics. Sociology has the ability to help you to develop core academic skills such as evaluation, argument construction and essay writing, and the subject is well respected by universities for these reasons.  Of course, your education is not just about fitting you neatly into a career.  I hope that experience of Sociology will help you to develop as critical thinkers with the ability and confidence to voice your opinions and challenge the assumptions of others. In short, I hope to produce people who will make lots of noise and change the world!

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Notre Dame Catholic College directly.

Last updated date: 10 July 2015

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