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Applied Business (AS and A Level) Single Award at Morecambe Community High School

Course description

This course has been running successfully for the seven years now and has been a success story of the department. We boast of extremely high grades and great retention into year 13. Last year we achieved 100% pass rate at A2 and 97% in AS. This is mainly down to the combination of units that are studied; the course allows the students to access high grades in their coursework (which contributes to two thirds of the course) and an examination. The high grades are also attributed to the high standard of teaching but the enjoyment of the students. Many continue the course into year 13 and ultimately pursue Higher education opportunities in the subject.

Course content

Unit 1 – People at work – examination (June)

A 1 ½ hour written examination consisting of short and long answer questions relating to business scenarios given in the paper and actual businesses studied during the delivery of the unit.

It covers 4 main areas; aims and business activities, recruitment and training, motivation of staff and external constraints

Unit 2 – Investigating Business – coursework

A written assignment that investigates how a local business decided upon the product to sell and planned the opening of their business, taking into account the location, customers, resources and ICT requirements. This also includes some investigation into the financial projections for the business


Unit 3 – Exploring Marketing – coursework

A written proposal for Cadbury-Kraft, on a new product that could potentially be launched. It needs to detail the product features, the price, the promotion, the place where the product is available. The proposals need to be appropriate for the target market and the company aims.


Unit 8 – Business Development – timed coursework

This synoptic unit will be examined by means of an externally assessed assignment, whereby learners will be have to complete a business plan for a new company under set conditions.

The company will have to be fully researched with details of the resources and equipment needed as well as financial projections. All this will be written up and structured in 15 hours of examination conditions.

Unit 9 – Managing and developing people – coursework

This assignment is in four sections

Motivation – this looks at the motivation techniques used in a company to increase staff morale and the benefits and drawbacks of them, using recognised theorists. Team work – this involves the students getting involved with a team activity and evaluating how they progressed.

Career development – this investigates a training course, looking at the motives for its execution and the benefits for the company and individual. An evaluation of the course needs to be undertaken so that improvements can be suggested.

Personal development – A personal development plan must be completed for the individual student and then research undertaken about the different routes that could be taken to achieve the aims outlined.


Unit 14 – External Influences – coursework

A business report assessing the economic, environmental, legal and technological constraints that it faces with its business activities. This includes exploration into how the company is minimising the constraints faced and a judgement on how successful they are.


Many of the units of study are assessed through 100% coursework and so will be continually marked and feedback given to the students, until the final unit deadline. The completed coursework will be moderated by an external moderator to assess and maintain standards and consistency.

The examination for unit 1 will be studied for and available in June.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Morecambe Community High School directly.

Last updated date: 26 June 2015

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