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BTEC iCreative Technology at Queen Elizabeth School

Course description

You have grown up in a world where technology is evolving rapidly, creating new subject areas to explore and changing the way people work in every area from medicine and fashion to engineering and economics. So whatever your career plans, you know it’s vital to develop your grasp of these ideas and concepts that will shape your world.

That’s why we now offer two new routes into Year 10 and beyond. On the one hand, we offer this brand new BTEC, where students explore the latest technologies from industry & business and apply their skills to make mobile apps or blogs and websites. And on the other hand, we offer GCSE Computer Science, where students delve deeper into the theoretical side of these technologies, while developing skills in problem solving and programming.

So for BTEC IT, think ‘industry & applied skills’. And for Computer Science, think ‘theory & programming’.

In a nutshell, this brand new BTEC course is about the creative side of the digital technologies that shape our modern world, such as web pages & mobile apps together with the hardware, software and networks that are vital to all the devices & gadgets that people love today.

So it’s a perfect option for anyone who enjoys hands-on coursework and who's keen to explore new areas and develop the advanced skills valued by the IT & creative industries.

We’ve chosen to offer this new course because it is part of the 'BTEC First' family of qualifications that have just been updated to mix lots of practical work with online assessments to make this 'vocational' course a real equivalent to traditional GCSEs.

So students taking this option will be the first at QES to do this brand new course!

Course content

Three quarters of iCreative Technology will be practical coursework done in class across a series of units, such as:


  • Creating a sophisticated website where you'll develop graphics, video and audio as well as writing the code that combines all that into a professional online package.

Or using the latest tools to create an 'app' for a smartphone, where you'll again combine graphics with audio and code to create something that you could actually download onto a mobile.


  • Or using special software to design & develop a 'multimedia product' like  you'd find on a DVD or online, combining animation with different interactive features and effects.

The final quarter of the marks will come from two extra units where you'll learn about the concepts and technologies that are critical to our online world and the computerised systems found everywhere from ebay to airports. You'll tackle one of these units in Year 10 and one in Year 11.

Towards the end of Year 11, your last practical project will be to create a personal 'digital portfolio' like those used by real creative professionals to promote their talents. On your portfolio, you'll showcase the work you've produced on the course but it can also include any of your other interests, such as sports or performing arts or activities like Duke Of Edinburgh. 


Three quarters of iCreative Technology will be practical coursework. The

  • final quarter of the marks will come from two extra units one in Year 10 and one in Year 11; and you'll end each with an online  assessment. Everyone will be very well prepared for these end-of-year tests, which will last just one hour and which will also give our students a taste of the type of web-based assessment that will soon become common across lots of subjects.


Future opportunities

What's really exciting is that this course sets you on a pathway to develop a high level 'IT' skillset that's in demand across industry & commerce.

Next step would be a Sixth Form course such as a Level 3 BTEC in IT, where we plan to offer units in areas such as writing sophisticated code for games and apps as well as more interactive and dynamic websites.

After Sixth Form, that could lead straight to the workplace or to university courses such as 'creative computing' or 'internet computing' where graduates are ultimately aiming for jobs in the creative, media and telecoms industries.

Further information

Have a chat with Mrs Chambers or Mr McNulty

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Queen Elizabeth School directly.

Last updated date: 20 May 2014
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Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 2 Years