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Economics at Haybridge High School and Sixth Form

Course description

Economics is a social science that analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. A well-respected A-level, Economics uses a theoretical grounding to help explain the basic problems faced by individuals and society. Economics is often in the news and affects the lives of everyone on a daily basis. Almost half of all the leading politicians in all three main U.K. political parties studied Economics at university.

Economics has two main focuses:

Microeconomics looks at the basic economic problems of scarcity, choice and unlimited wants. It involves the study of markets and their outcomes to analyse the impact they have on our lives. You will also study why markets fail to work and what the government can do about it. Key questions include: why do we make the choices we do? What can be done about pollution? Why do people smoke, even though they know it is bad for them? Should the NHS be privatised? Should the government try and stop binge drinking?

Macroeconomics looks at the UK and global economy as a whole. This includes the basics you see on the news; inflation, unemployment, government borrowing and economic growth, the exchange rate and interest rates. You will study what these mean, and how they are measured, as well as why they matter. You will also look at the role governments have in controlling the economy. Key questions include: is the government spending too much? What could be done about the recent recession? Can the UK compete with China? Does the value of the pound matter?

Entry requirements

A* - B in both English and Maths

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Haybridge High School and Sixth Form directly.

Last updated date: 20 June 2014

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 2 Years