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Mathematics - Use of AS/A Level at Brockenhurst College

Course description

This course is most suited for students who enjoy studying mathematical topics in practical, real-life contexts and is therefore ideal as a support for other A Level subjects or vocational courses.  This course models the real world and develops practical skills which are transferable to your other studies.

Course content

AS level
All students study three modules:

  1. Algebra module covering: Linear and quadratic functions; Gradients of curves and Maxima & Minima; Power and Inverse functions; Growth and decay; Transformations of graphs; Trigonometric functions and Linearising data.
  2. FSMQ Data Analysis module covering: Carrying out investigations; Statistical diagrams; Statistical measures; Comparing data sets; Bivariate data; the Normal distribution and Critical thinking.
  3. The third module is chosen from one of the following:
  • FSMQ Decision Maths, supporting Computing and IT courses, or
  • FSMQ Dynamics, supporting Physics and Engineering, or
  • FSMQ Mathematical Principles for Personal Finance, supporting Business studies, Economics and Finance.

A2 level
All students study three modules:

  1. FSMQ Calculus
  2. Mathematical Applications (coursework)
  3. Mathematical Comprehension

Note: The FSMQ (Free Standing Mathematical Qualification) modules can be certified on their own and carry UCAS points.

In addition to topics being explained and examples demonstrated on the board, the practical nature of the course means that students will be expected to contribute ideas and work together in small groups.  There will be a variety of learning styles, including the extensive use of graphic calculators and computer software.

All students are expected to study regularly outside of the class, including the completion of homework assignments.

Personalised learning sessions will be available to offer additional support.

Entry requirements

Minimum GCSE Maths grade required B


AS level consists of three modules which are examined at the end of the first year.  Each module exam is one hour and graphic calculators are required.  A data sheet is distributed to the student two weeks before the exams to enable you to familiarise yourself with the scenarios and vocabulary that will be required in the exam.

A2 level consists of three modules, two of which are examined at the end of the second year.  Both the Calculus and Comprehension modules are assessed by a written exam with pre-release data sheets and the use of graphic calculators.

The Applications module is a portfolio assessment comprising of two pieces of coursework based on topics from two different modules.

Financial information

Students will be required to pay for textbooks and resources, which include revision material and past papers as well as the purchase of a graphic calculator.  The total cost for this course is £75 over the two years.

Future opportunities

At the end of the first year students take AS Use of Maths and can continue on to A2 Use of Maths.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Brockenhurst College directly.

Last updated date: 18 February 2016

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