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Music A Level at Hendon School

Course description

This course is ideal for those students who are keen to learn the skills of a music producer. They will have to learn to create and transcribe music using different music software programs. They will hone a wide variety of skills from technical expertise with recording equipment, to writing music in a variety of pop music styles.

The 4 areas (specific details relate to AS)

Coursework Portfolio – 70%, externally assessed
Sequenced Realised Performance
Students choose one of two songs set by the exam board and replicate the song using Cubase. They must work out all the notes in every part of the music and input these into the software, and then make a professional sounding mix that matches the original as closely as possible.

Multi-Track Recording
Students must record a live band using a variety of techniques and microphone set-ups. They should be able to give musical direction to the performers and produced a sophisticated final mix that would be good enough for a professional album or single.

Creative Sequenced Arrangement
Student choose one of two set songs and transform it into one of two different musical style set by the exam aboard – for example, a Heavy metal version of a Dido song. This is much more than just a cover version, the songs should be completely reworked to achieve the top marks.

Listening and Analysing – 30%, written paper under exam conditions, sat in the recording studio
Students answer questions based on tracks drawn from the entire history of pop music (i.e. the last 100 years). They should understand the musical features of the tracks, as well as being able to comment in a sophisticated ways about the technological aspects of the production and performance in different styles. The exam board set 2 special focus styles, which the students must know and understand in greater detail.

Future opportunities

To take this course you…..

Should listen to and enjoy music from a large number of styles going back through pop history. You should also have good ICT skills and be willing to spend time outside of lessons in the studio learning the software and producing the coursework.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Hendon School directly.

Last updated date: 06 September 2016
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