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Chemistry A Level at Helston Community College

Course description

You are keen, self-motivated and interested in fi nding out more about the world around you important in today’s fast-moving, technologically oriented industry. You enjoy applying your knowledge through practical work and have an analytical mind. Chemistry is a basis for many higher education courses. Furthermore, by taking chemistry you also develop useful skills that can be applied outside of the subject discipline; these include problem solving, numeracy, practical skills as well as developing a broad scientifi c background. As a result, Chemistry is a highly respected and useful qualifi cation for most higher education courses and areas of employment.

Course content

This course is uniquely diff erent from other A level chemistry courses because it studies chemistry in the context of everyday applications. It introduces a chemical topic in one unit and then re-visits the same topic later in the course, developing theories further and allowing student learning to mature. Students will develop their practical expertise in all areas of chemistry which include making polymers and aspirin. 

Year 1 – Both AS and A level 

  • Elements for life 
  • Developing fuels 
  • Elements from the sea 
  • The ozone story 
  • What’s in a medicine? 

Year 2 – A level (cont) 

  • The chemical industry 
  • Polymers and life Oceans 
  • Developing metals 
  • Colour by design 

AS and A level will be taught simultaneously in year 1.

Entry requirements

You will need the general college requirements as well as a grade B or higher in GCSE Science. It is recommended that students are confi dent in Mathematics due to the mathematical demand of the course


AS – OCR B H033

  • Paper 1 – Foundations of chemistry - 1hr 30 mins written exam (50%)
  • Paper 2 – Chemistry in depth - 1hr 30 mins written exam (50%)

A level – OCR B H433

  • Paper 1 – Fundamentals of chemistry - 2hs 15 mins written exam (41%)
  • Paper 2 – Scientifi c literacy in chemistry - 2hrs 15 mins written exam (37%)
  • Paper 3 – Practical skills in chemistry - 1hr 30 mins written exam (22%) Practical endorsement for chemistry - internally assessed non-examinable (0%)

Students studying AS level will complete H033 papers 1 & 2 in June 2017 Students studying A level will complete H433 papers 1, 2 & 3 in June 2018 AS level exams do not count towards the A level.

Future opportunities

Chemistry A level is important for anyone thinking of studying degree courses in science subjects such as chemistry, biological sciences, chemical engineering, medicine, veterinary science, dentistry, geology, healthcare, sports science, nutrition, pharmacy and teaching. Other opportunities are considerable since chemistry is so well regarded by universities and employers. Students graduating from university with a chemistry related degree can also fi nd employment in areas as diverse as law and management consultancy.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Helston Community College directly.

Last updated date: 20 July 2016

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