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Physics A Level at New Mills School and Sixth Form

Course description

Physics is crucial to understanding the world around us, the world inside us and the world beyond us. It is the most basic and fundamental science. Physics challenges our imaginations with concepts like relativity and quantum theory and it leads to great discoveries, like the computer and the laser that lead to technologies which change our lives—from healing joints, to curing cancers, to developing sustainable energy solutions. Physics encompasses the study of the universe from the largest galaxies to the smallest subatomic particles.

Physics is the study of the fundamental laws that govern all natural phenomena; as such it pervades every part of the world of science, technology and engineering. Its methods and insights are widely applicable, and its practitioners widely sought. Physicists are problem solvers. Their analytical skills make physicists versatile and adaptable so they work in interesting places.

The key ingredient to a good Physicist is a curious, questioning mind. Physicists deploy a mixture of experimental and analytical skills, and creative flair, but there is no norm. Some have a theoretical bent, others excel as practical or computational investigators. Some are very analytical in their approach to the subject, others more intuitive.

Entry requirements

Students wishing to embark upon this course should have enjoyed studying either core and additional science, or triple award science at GCSE level. A GCSE 'B' grade or better should reflect a student's competence and suitability for this rewarding and challenging course. 

Future opportunities

You can find physicists doing research in government labs, working in outer space, developing new medical technologies and creating cutting edge software. They work in and alongside the armed services, in financial markets, in government and manage blue chip companies.

Studying Physics at New Mills Sixth Form will help you develop your academic potential, and provide you with an A-level which is highly regarded by universities and employers alike. At New Mills Sixth Form we have a proven track record of getting the best from our Physics students, many of whom go on to enjoy studying a sciences/engineering based degree at university. 

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact New Mills School and Sixth Form directly.

Last updated date: 22 February 2017

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