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Physics *FEES PAYABLE* at New Hall School

Course description

"100 years ago physics was considered to be almost complete; then along came Einstein, Curie, Schrodinger and Hubble and now physicists realise that we have only scratched the surface of how the Universe really works".

To want to understand the workings of the universe is a uniquely human desire. Physics opens up this world of understanding and allows you to fully appreciate why and how: Why is the sky blue? Can you see a black-hole? Is time travel really possible? Why is friction good for you? What is antimatter and dark energy? How do fundamental particles interact to form atoms, the building blocks of all we sense around us? Physics answers the questions from the very small to the very large, from quarks and neutrinos to the origins and scale of the universe itself.

Not only does Physics quench the thirst of those seeking a greater understanding but it will empower you with skills that are desperately sought by universities and employers alike. If you are at all interested in taking any science at university, including engineering, medicine, electronics, astronomy, technology or computer studies then Physics is for you. Physics is an extremely well regarded A Level subject and will set you apart from the crowd even if you intend to study any other subject from Law and Economics to Psychology, Philosophy and Music.

Entry requirements

At least a grade B in GCSE Physics/Double Award Science and Grade B in GCSE Mathematics. Students will find it beneficial to study AS Level Mathematics with A Level Physics, but this is not essential.

Financial information

Fees may be charged for this course

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact New Hall School directly.

Last updated date: 15 May 2015

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 2 years