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Physics A level at Boroughbridge High School

Course description

Physics is the study of everything, from the smallest parts of atoms to the structure of the universe.  Through a mix of practical, theory work and discussion you will learn to take the complicated relationships that make our universe work and distil them into a series of elegant rules that enable you to predict the outcome of real events.

The universe is a complicated place, more complicated than we will ever truly comprehend.  Yet, as a physics student you will learn to...

  • describe the processes that give the sun its energy
  • explain the forces involved in holding an atom together
  • explain the phenomena that led sailors to believe their boats were haunted (St Elmos Fire)
  • describe the motion of an arrow in flight
  • explain how a simple moving magnet led to the harnessing of electrical energy
  • explain how, at very large sizes, the motion of bodies can be described using everyday knowledge
  • explain how, at very small sizes, a particle may be in any one of an infinite number of places and only truly be there once you've seen it
  • describe how electrons flow and how they interact with matter
  • explain why the sky is blue
  • describe how a bird can fly
  • detune a radio and listen to Jupiter


In A level physics you will experience a wide range of learning activities including group work, presentations, practical activities and individual research.

Future opportunities

As an A level physicist, universities will look upon you favourably.  You will gain access to a wide range of university courses, not just physics.  Physics students have gon on to study engineering, chemistry, accountance, programming, medicine and more!  The careers opened by a physics specialism include media, journalism, law, health work, computing, education, hospitality industry, etc.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Boroughbridge High School directly.

Last updated date: 17 August 2016
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Key information

  • Start date: Next September