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Sociology AS A2 at Wrenn Academy

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What is Sociology?Sociology studies how living in groups affects our behaviour.  It asks questions like:·        Why do girls out perform boys at all levels of school education?·        If you work hard, will you get the job you deserve?·        Why is there an increasing divorce rate and what effect does this have on children?·        What is life like in the average family?·        What do crime statistics tell us?·        Do the police treat everyone fairly?·        What is the purpose of religion?·        Why do people join sects and cults?Why Study Sociology?·        Because all the topics covered are fundamentally interesting.·        Because you will never be completely wrong.·        Because it will help you to better understand the social world and your place in it.·        Because you will learn research, discussion and written skills that will help you to be a better student in all of your subjects. What Will You Study For The Exams?The specification to be followed will be AQA’s:At AS Level the topics covered are:(i)                  Families and Households:  Why have them?  How have they changed?  Marriage and Divorce.  Childhood.  Who ‘wears the trousers’ in the family?(ii)                Education:  Why have free and compulsory education?  Who are achievers at school and why?  What really goes on in classrooms?  How have governments changed education?  Why?(iii)               Theory and Methods:  How do Sociologists collect their evidence?  Why do Sociologists often have conflicting opinions about things that they study?At A2 Level the topics covered are:(i)                  Religion:  Why does religion exist at all?  Why are some religions global and others worshipped by only a few thousand?  Is religion dying?(ii)                Theory and Methods:  You will carry out your own research into the behaviour of people in a specific area of interest to you.(iii)               Crime and Deviance:  Why does crime occur?  Who commits it?  Do the mass media help reduce crime or do they make matters worse?  A special issue will be suicide.So how do you know if Sociology will be the right subject for you?·        Do you enjoy watching soaps?  If yes, do you try to work out why the characters behave in the way they do?·        Do you like watching people at school, in town or on the bus?  Do you try to work out what their lives are like?·        Do you find yourself asking why some children in lessons misbehave, while others never do?·        Do you watch ‘Crimewatch’ and ask yourself why people could act in those ways?·        Do you find yourself asking whether females or males get badly treated in certain situations?If the answer to most of the questions is ‘yes’ then Sociology is probably the subject for you.  It may not give you a definite answer but it will take you a lot closer.  Shouldn’t it be one of your options?

Entry requirements

Do you need to have studied Sociology before?Obviously if you have only been a student at Wrenn this would have been impossible.  As long as you have at least 5 C grades at GCSE you will be able to do Sociology at A level.  It will help if you have grade Cs (or more) in English Language and English Literature, but this is not essential

Future opportunities

A qualification in Sociology could help open doors to occupations in public services such as teaching, medicine and nursing, the police, social work and youth work.  It could also widen your thinking in occupations related to law and business management.  You could just do Sociology if you thought it would be interesting and an alternative to the other subjects you have chosen.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Wrenn Academy directly.

Last updated date: 26 May 2015
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