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A Level Physics at The King's Academy

Course description

Physicist a are still searching for answers to the big questions: How did the Universe begin? How will it end? Can we slow down time? Is space curved? Is anybody out there? Is light a wave of a particle? We think that the answers to the big questions can be found by studying the smallest possible particles. To study the smallest particles in the Universe we have built a machine which is 27km long!

In recent years tis search has also produced the World Wide Web, supercomputers, cheap digital cameras and many more High Tech applications. Physics underpins many major advances in technology and physicists are involved at all levels.

AS overview:


  • 1. Imaging 2.Sensing 3.Signalling

    Designer Materials

  • 4. testing Materials
  • 5. Looking inside materials

    Waves and quantum behaviour

  • 6. Wave behaviour
  • 7. Quantum behaviour

    Space and Mapping

  • 8. Mapping space and time
  • 9. Computing the next move

    A2 Overview

    Models and rules

  • 10. Creating models
  • 11.Out into space
  • 12. Our place in the Universe

    Matter in extremes

  • 13. Matter: very simple
  • 14. Matter: very hot and cold


  • 15. Electromagnetic machines
  • 16. Charge and field

    Fundamental particles of matter

  • 17. Probing deep into matter
  • 18. Ionizing radiation and risk.

  • Entry requirements

    At least two grade Bs in any GCSE Science courses and a B in Maths.

    How to apply

    If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The King's Academy directly.

    Last updated date: 06 August 2014

    Key information

    • Start date: Next September
    • Duration: 2 years