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Sociology A-Level at Burnham Grammar School

Course description

AS first year students will investigate issues relating to concepts of culture and identity including: socialization, class, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, age, leisure and consumption. Students will be introduced to theoretical approaches to the role socialization has in the construction of our various cultures and identities. They will investigate the topic of education in its current manifestation and analysing it from a historical perspective. In addition, students will study the power of the educational profession, inequalities in education and issues relating to social mobility and different types of capital. The above issues will be investigated using sociological methodologies that students will be introduced to and examined on.

A2 second year students – Mass Media or Global Development

Students will develop theory and practice in the study of the significance of mass media in our society: media effects, violence and the media, ownership and globalization will be amongst some of the issues studied. Global development will investigate issues related to theories of development and significance of war and conflict, education, health and employment in development and case studies of the work of NGO‟s. Crime and Deviance and theory of methods. The social construction of crime and sociological theories will be investigated. Patterns of crime, victims of crime, control, prevention and punishment of crime will be researched using theories and sociological methodologies, which students will research and design.

Course content

Students will be assessed every half term with short answer questions and one long answer essay. All assessment has an exam focus.

Entry requirements

You must achieve at least 368 GCSE capped points (i.e. your best 8 subjects) for entry to the Sixth form. You must also achieve a C grade in English Language GCSE and Mathematics GCSE alongside meeting the entry criteria for each individual subject. Option 4 is conditional upon achieving 400+ GCSE capped points. 

GCSE points: A*= 58, A= 52, B= 46, C= 40, D= 34

Subject Specific

GCSE grade B in English Literature or

GCSE grade B in English Language


  • SCLY1. Culture and Identity
  • SCLY2. Education with Research methods.
  • SCLY3 . Mass Media Communication/ Global Development.
  • SCLY4. Crime and Deviance

Future opportunities

This GCE Sociology specification has been designed so that candidates will acquire the essential knowledge and understanding of central aspects of sociological thought and methods, together with the application of a range of skills. It has also been designed to allow the integration of sociological themes, such as socialisation, culture and identity, and social differentiation, power and stratification. Sociology has many synoptic links that students will become more confident with as time progresses.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Burnham Grammar School directly.

Last updated date: 28 April 2015

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