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A Level Art and Design (Fine Art) at Wadebridge School

Course description

2 year Course Content:

1: Coursework Portfolio.

You are required to produce work demonstrating an experimental approach to ideas, materials and developing your own work, through reflection and personal extension of ideas taught in the studio periods.  There is an expectation that you develop quite a philosophical approach to understanding your own and others work.

You will also need to show the development of ideas, which have been informed by the study of artists that will lead to a personal and well prepared final piece.

Unit 2: Terminal Examination.

You will be given an exam paper The exam paper will have a choice of titles in it, ranging from observational starting points, themes or set artists to develop work from. You will have until the end of April to fully prepare your ideas in line with the assessment objects. At the end of this period you will have a five hour exam in which to produce a final response in which ever media is best suited.

We like to think that the A Level course not only gives you a tailor made course with many opportunities for 1 to 1 assessments, guidance and advice as well as group instructions, to providing a total educational experience supporting future developments and personal development. 

Entry requirements

Students are required to reach the Wadebridge Sixth Form Level 3 entry criteria. In addition we would be looking for those students who achieved a Merit or above at BTEC. For those who have not studied Art at G.C.S.E level a small portfolio of drawings and any work undertaken in the last two years would be required. 


Mainly practical experiments, exploring different approaches.
Research into the work of others to support and inform practical work.
Group work, evaluations and discussions. 
Visits to galleries and specific sites.

Future opportunities

Art is about questioning your perceptions, feelings and understanding about the world we live in. It promotes creative thinking and problem solving, helping you tackle issues from outside the box.  The thinking we encourage is designed to help carry you forward in a world where 80% of all jobs nowadays are visual skills based.   At A Level we are promoting that higher level of    creative thinking and risk taking essential attributes in all you do.  If, as many of our students do, you wish to take the subject further, then it is recommended that you apply for a foundation course in Art. Some students have gone straight into Degree course such as animation or fashion design.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Wadebridge School directly.

Last updated date: 20 April 2015

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