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Chemistry AS/A2 Level at ARK Globe Academy

Course description

Year One (AS)

Unit 1: Atoms, Bonds and Groups

In this unit you will learn about the structure of the atom, the importance of atomic masses, formulae and equations, chemical bonding and structure, and trends and patterns in the Periodic Table.

Unit 2: Chains, Energy and Resources

Here you will study the chemical ideas that underpin organic chemistry, some of the important chemicals produced from oil and the role of chemists in developing fuels and controlling pollution. This unit also includes energychanges in chemical reactions, the rate of reactions, the use of catalysts and the control of reversible reactions to produce useful chemicals.

Unit 3: Practical Skills in Chemistry 1

You will be assessed on your practical and investigative skills which you will have developed during AS Chemistry. The three tasks (qualitative, quantitative and evaluative) will be completed in lesson time under controlled conditions.

Year Two (A2)

Unit 4: Rings, Polymers and Analysis

Here you will learn about how chemists use organic compounds to manufacture useful materials such as pharmaceuticals, dyes and polymers. You will also study spectroscopy, which is used to find the structure of carbon compounds.

Unit 5: Equilibria, Energetics and Elements

In this unit you will explore the physical chemistry that explains much of the chemistry encountered in all other modules. You will learn how to monitor reaction rates accurately, how to investigate reversible reactions and how acids, bases and buffers work. In addition you will study the colourful transition elements in more detail.

Unit 6: Practical Skills in Chemistry 2

This unit is similar to ‘Practical Skills in Chemistry 1’ in its format of three classroom based practical activities. However the tasks will require a higher level of understanding and explanation.


Course content

As above.

Entry requirements

B at GCSE in Chemistry and Mathematics.


AS: - Unit One and Unit Two by written examination in June; Unit Three will be assessed internally during the first two terms.

A2: - Unit Four by written examination in June; Unit Six will be assessed internally during the first two terms of the second year.

Future opportunities

A Level Chemistry is a requirement for some higher education courses such as medicine, dentistry and pharmacy. It will help you in further study of most science or engineering subjects. The skills learnt in all science A Levels are highly regarded by universities and employers, for example in the financial world.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact ARK Globe Academy directly.

Last updated date: 01 May 2015

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1 - 2 Years