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Religous Studies AS and A Level at Emmanuel College

Course description

Paper 1: Philosophy of Religion Content overview: philosophical issues and questions; the nature and influence of religious experience; problems of evil and suffering; philosophical language; works of scholars; influences of developments in religious belief.

Paper 2: Religion and Ethics  Content overview: significant concepts in issues or debates in religion and ethics; a study of three ethical theories; application of ethical theories to issues of importance; ethical language; deontology, virtue ethics and the works of scholars; medical ethics: beginning and end of life issues.

Paper 3: New Testament Studies Content overview: social, historical and religious context of the New Testament; texts and interpretation of the Person of Jesus; interpreting the text and issues of relationship, purpose and authorship; ways of interpreting the scripture; texts and interpretation: the Kingdom of God, conflict, the death and resurrection of Jesus; scientific and historical-critical challenges, ethical living and the works of scholars.

Paper 4: Study of Religion Content overview: religious beliefs, values and teachings; Sources of wisdom and authority; Practices that shape and express religious identity; Social and historical developments; Works of scholars; Religion and society; Primary texts.

Entry requirements

Students should achieve at least a B grade at GCSE. In addition students must have a subject teacher recommendation.


Advanced GCE in Religious Studies consists of three externally-examined papers. Students are required to choose three papers from a choice of four. Students must complete all assessment in May/June in any single year.


Paper 1: (Written examination: 2 hours; 33.33% of the qualification; 80 marks) 

Paper 2:  (Written examination: 2 hours; 33.33% of the qualification; 80 marks)

Paper 3:  (Written examination: 2 hours; 33.33% of the qualification; 80 marks) 

Paper 4:  (Written examination: 2 hours; 33.33% of the qualification; 80 marks) 


An externally-assessed written examination comprising three sections. Students answer all questions in Section A and Section B, and choose one question in Section C.

  • Section A: Three short, structured questions.
  • Section B: Two extended-response questions an excerpt, sourced from the extracts list
  • Section C: A choice of two extended essay questions.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Emmanuel College directly.

Last updated date: 02 December 2016

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