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French at The Henry Box School

Course description

We aim to inspire students with an interest in and enthusiasm for language learning and use a wide variety of techniques in lessons. Students read, write, speak and listen to the foreign language in a wide variety of situations. They often work in pairs and small groups; ICT, quizzes, games, songs and drama are also used to make the classroom atmosphere as stimulating as possible.

Aims:The aims of the course are to encourage you to:

  • develop an interest in, and an enthusiasm for, language learning;
  • develop understanding of the language in a variety of contexts and genres;
  • communicate confidently, clearly and effectively in the language for a range of purposes;
  • develop awareness and understanding of the contemporary society, cultural background and heritage of countries or communities where the language is spoken;
  • consider your study of the language in a broader context. AS Unit 1: Speaking French

This is worth 30% of the total AS. This test has two sections and is conducted by your oral teacher, recorded and sent off tobe externally assessed.Section A: Role-play (30 marks) 5 to 6 minutesThis is a role-play set within a business or domestic context. Situations require you to seek information and give practical advice, for example to a visitor. You will study an Englishstimulus of no more than 150 words before the test begins for 20 mins. Candidates are allowed to make notes on the sheet. During the task, candidates give the facts and discuss the ideasgiven in the stimulus material with your teacher in French.Candidates are assessed on Use of Stimulus, Response to the Examiner and Quality of Language (Accuracy) – Section B: Topic discussion (30 marks) 9 to 10 minutes.You will discuss with your teacher a topic of your choice from the list of AS topics, explaining facts and ideas as well as expressing relevant opinions and justifying points of view. The topic should relate to aspects of contemporary society, cultural background and heritage of a French speaking country but you could also discuss a literary text. You can bring into the exam, notes in French to support your discussion limited to one side of A4 paper. For your topic you will already have outlined your areas of interest and given your teacher a plan of up to five headings in the target language to help with the flow of the discussion. Candidates are assessed on Ideas, Opinions and Relevance; Fluency, Spontaneity, Responsiveness; Quality of Language (Accuracy); Pronunciation and Intonation.AS Unit 2: Listening, Reading and Writing 1 This is worth 70% of the total AS. This paper has two sections:Section A: Listening and writing.You will listen to three recorded texts (up to 5 minutes in total).Some tasks require matching, box-ticking and single word responses and some require answers in English. Listening comprehension is assessed on a point-by-point mark scheme. There is also a transfer of meaning task from English into French, related to the third listening text.Candidates are assessed on Communication and Quality of Language(Accuracy)Section B: Reading and writing (85 marks) Candidates read three texts and respond to a variety of tasks:

  • text 1 – task types are matching, box-ticking and single word responses
  • text 2 – short responses in French assessed on Quality of Language (Accuracy).
  • text 3 – summary answer and extended writing task in Frenchassessed on Comprehension of Text; Response to Text as well as Quality of Language (Accuracy and Range)

Entry requirements

The A-level courses are academically demanding and in order to cope successfully students must have achieved good GCSE results. Our minimum entry requirement is therefore an average of 42 GCSE points, including a 'C' grade in English Language. As a general guide, most subjects require a minimum GCSE grade B in the subject to be studied.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Henry Box School directly.

Last updated date: 24 April 2015
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Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 2 years